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Taking care of moms is taking care of kids

Taking care of moms is taking care of kids

My husband and I recently decided we’re ready for kid #2, which means I’ve been trying to relearn all the dos and don’ts of preconception health and pregnancy. Since I’m actively trying to get pregnant, I’ve decided I am “pre-pregnant” and, thus, have been following most of the nutrition, exercise and environmental guidelines that help to ensure a healthy start for my future child. (An added bonus is that “pre-pregnancy” gets me out of cleaning the cat litter, which just might mean I’ll be pre-pregnant for the rest of my life.)

Most moms know that it’s never too early to ensure kids get a healthy start in life. That’s why we hear advice to take prenatal vitamins, to avoid alcohol and cigarettes and to exercise regularly.

We’ve learned that healthy activities during pregnancy can have a big impact on the health of our children once they’re born. But research also shows that a healthy start for children begins even before conception. The status of our health before pregnancy has life-long implications for our children’s growth and development. If we’re suffering from poor health before pregnancy for reasons beyond our control, such as not having adequate health insurance or access to substance abuse or mental health services, it could mean poor health for our babies, such as the life-long effects that could restult from premature birth.

Fortunately, there are several things Colorado can do help ensure women of child bearing age have access to the health care they need, when they need it – even those women who may not be actively planning a pregnancy. A new three-part report from the Colorado Children’s Campaign, “Ready, Set, Go: Investing in Infants and Toddlers,” shows how creating policies that promote health, wellness and access to comprehensive care for all women of childbearing age is a vital part of ensuring a healthy, strong start for all Colorado kids.

Read the first report in the series, “Ready: Prenatal health and Care,” for more information. Visit to download a free copy.

-By Jacinta Montoya Price


Mile High Mamas
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  1. On a similar note, this recent article from the New York Times says that the ongoing, continuous access to health insurance for women offered through the Affordable Care Act could help reduce the infant mortality rate.

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