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Five Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

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Zombie Repellent and a Recipe for a Healthy Halloween


As a dedicated trick-or-treat bag enthusiast (gratis my two kiddos), I know first-hand how tricky it really is to stay healthy this time of year. Thing is, treats don’t have to be unhealthy to be creepilcious. So, with the help of Pinterest and a few creative spins on some spooktacular ideas, I’ve come up with a list of top edible haunts for this Halloween.

Trick your little creatures with these five Treats

5. Creepy Crudité

Fresh veggies and a nutritious dip and voila!











4. Swamp Smoothie

This swampy concoction can be created with your favorite fresh fruits. Simple tip: prepare baggies of fruit ahead of time and store in the freezer for a quick, blendable after school snack.












3. Witch’s Broom Treat Bags

Transform this sugary treat bag into a savory snack by adding your child’s favorite snack mix. Pretzels, nuts, Goldfish, dried fruit…and, of course, a little candy corn – because it *is* a festive veggie of sorts.












2. Orange-o-Lanterns

I’m just going to admit that my culinary patients might run short on this one, BUT for the crafty mama foodies out there, this is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Stuff your Orange-o-Lantern with a fruit medley and let your little goblins attack.










1. Watermelon Brain

Zombies beware: seedless watermelon posing as a delicacy is deadly zombie repellent. Most commonly found in the burbs.










…and after all the damage is done (and because I do realize that while I’ve complied a perfectly healthy and delicious top five, there will still be abundant amounts of chocolate, caramel and nought to be had – yes, that is a personal confession).

Creepy Finale ~ Firefly Toothbrushes








Perfect for Halloween, changing colors are cast onto the child’s face as they brush…making brushing fun, and spooky enough to scare any lurking sugar!


Author: Jaime

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson October 21, 2013

    Fun…and yum ideas!

  • comment avatar Gretchen October 22, 2013

    These are great! I also know of a few other healthy options that are “weird creepy foods” Ramubtan has this hairy exterior but once you cut open it is like a green grape (tastes good but can be sort of creepy looking), Budda’s hand is a citrus thing that looks like some fakey weird shriveled hand but smells citrus clean and a Horned Melon has weird horns all over the melon but you eat the green slimed seeds out of the inside (alien eggs?). Fun playing with your foods?

  • comment avatar Jaime Clark October 24, 2013

    Love the weird creepy food ideas, Gretchen!