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Contentment: Is it Being Fulfilled or Settling?

Contentment: Is it Being Fulfilled or Settling?

There is something about this time of year that fills me with so much contentment. I consider this to be such a great thing!

I feel that “contentment” can sometimes get a bad rap for being viewed as “settling.” But I see it differently…

Being in my early thirties it is easy to always be in an “I want” mentality. I want to go further in my career, better job, I want to earn more, (or some days) I want to be able to stay home, I want a better house, I want a better car, I want to travel, I want, I want, I want. 

Since I am in my early thirties I work very hard every day to provide myself and my family with the things I think I really want. Problem is if I come up short despite my efforts, I am left feeling like somehow I’ve failed and then I do the dreaded comparing my situation to that of my peers and I’m really left feeling crappy.

I have to be careful because if I’m always striving for more will I ever feel like I have enough? Will I ever be able to look around at my lovely life and feel fulfilled?

Well, as I said earlier there is something wonderful about this time of year that just makes me happy and makes me feel a glow of contentment. I chalk it up to a few things, the change in weather and the beautiful awe inspiring Colorado autumn days.

There is also the fun activities this time of year brings for my small kids… pumpkin patches, jumping in leaves, the first snow of the season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Holiday season! My husband and I get to carry on traditions from our childhood and create new traditions and make memories to last.

I start to remember it is a time for being thankful and grateful for what we have and not all the things we think we want.

Perhaps you’ve heard the quote:

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. – Anonymous

I have a job that I enjoy, a house, food on my plate, clothes on my back and most importantly, I have family and friends that bring me so much happiness at times I don’t know how my heart can handle it!

Being content with my life just the way it is does not mean I won’t continue to work hard and some day get all of the “I wants” on my list. What it does mean is that I will live deliberately and choose to not get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world.

As long as I keep working hard my aspirations and goals will get achieved. But by slowing down and enjoying all that I already have I will probably have more happy days than frustrated ones and feel more accomplished than defeated.

Contentment is not settling in my book. It is appreciating the gifts in my life that I am fortunate enough to have and it is being grateful for having the things that I need.

What about you? Do you allow yourself to feel content or do you enjoy always striving for more?

Kendra is a full-time working mom to a precocious two-year old boy and eight month old baby girl and wife to her long-time sweetheart. At “My Full-Thyme Life ( she writes about how she attempts to balance her cherished roles and all the fun along the way. 

Kendra Scott
Author: Kendra Scott

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  1. My hubby’s boss always says “God, health, family, wealth” is the key to happiness and contentment in life. As long as you have something that you believe in (whoever or whatever God is to you), and you take care of your self, your family will make you happy, and if you have God, health and family, then wealth will come.

    I feel the same way sometimes with the I want, I want, I want feeling, but then I spend the day volunteering at the Food Bank, or taking a day driving downtown to the mission, and I see folks who have it a lot worse than I do, and I realize that my wants aren’t so important, and in time that those wants will come.

    Thanks for sharing, Kendra. This has really got me thinking 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing, Lindsie! I love the boss’ theory. It is a very positive perspective. 🙂

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