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Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition Rockets into Denver

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition Rockets into Denver

Picture this: It’s a major holiday. You have all your best china and crystal laid out on a beautifully set table. Candles flicker. Everyone smiles in anticipation as you place a golden turkey in the center. The dog in the corner is drooling. Then, without warning, you grab the tablecloth and yank. Will the big day be ruined or will you be the best holiday hostess ever with your cool trick?

Thanks to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, you can practice this skill and learn the science behind it. From now through January 5th, 2014, the DMNS is hosting Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition. The wildly popular Discovery Channel show is now a hands-on, crazily fun experience for the entire family.

In the Blueprint Room, fans of the show will recognize 60 actual props, machines, and contraptions used in the long-running hit. Some of the most legendary items Adam, Jamie, and the gang built are on display, whimsically arranged. Flip through the iconic blueprints used to construct memorable machines. Relive some of the most popular shows. Adam’s jet pack, the buried-alive coffin, the duct tape canoe, and the paint bomb are just a few of the artifacts you might recognize. mythbustersmhm_1

But you don’t have to be Mythbusters fan to appreciate the fun and learning packed into the exhibit. You won’t feel left out of any fun because guess what? You and your child will become an honorary Mythbusters for an hour or two! After being inspired by the show’s creators and creations, visitors move into The Workshop. This is where you and your kids get to play and learn.


Is it possible to sit in a swing suspended by phone books? Should you walk or run through a rain shower? Be the Big Bad Wolf to test if the house you or your child build can withstand a clever, miniature wind tunnel. Can you become a superhero by changing in a phone booth? Can you dodge a bullet? These are just a few of the myths tested on the show you’ll get to confirm or bust. There are 12 stations in The Workshop with hands-on experimental—and experiential—fun. The exhibit is well rounded, too, with topics spanning food to physics, bodily functions to building, travel to traffic, urban legend to old wife tale. In addition to the 12 stations, roving volunteers amaze and maybe confound visitors with Mini Myths.


The mission of Emmy-nominated Mythbusters is to “inspire a generation to inquire, interact, and get involved with science by using experimentation to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions, or legends.” The Mythbusters crew has tested 833 myths over its 10-year run. This is a testimony to the sound scientific principles it teaches while having a blast. Literally. They have more fun than should be allowed, and now you can, too.

After becoming a superhero who can hang from a ledge and flick playing cards at 30 miles per hour while swinging from phone books in glowing rain, you can watch a 12-minute long live show that’s heavy on audience participation. Professional actors bring myth-busting to life in a dramatically fun way, with lots of laughs. Lucky visitors at each show are chosen to go onstage. I’m not going to give away what happens next, but I was a bit jealous I didn’t get to be the guinea pig. The shows run every 15 minutes. Be sure to watch. It wraps up how myths are busted and how we can all learn to stretch our brains a bit.


Before you leave, make sure to share myths you’d like to see busted. There’s a station where you can write your your ideas on paper. The Mythbusters will read your suggestions! For real! Someday, you might see one of the Mythbusters building, testing, and busting (or confirming) your idea.


Regarding my proposal to test if you can pull a tablecloth out from under dishes: I did it. I know the secret. Sir Isaac Newton would be so proud of me! The gravy boat won’t even slosh.

Important Tips for When You Go:

~ Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit runs from October 11, 2013 to January 5, 2014. Hours are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with some special after-hours events.

~ Tickets can be bought online. The exhibit has timed entry, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding.

~ You’ll get slightly damp in the rain shower station. Nothing drippy, just some sprinkles, but keep that in mind. It’s also easier to see the results of the rain shower walk if you wear darker clothing.

~ Wear comfy shoes because you might find yourself dodging, leaping, or otherwise being physically active.

~ Give yourself at least an hour to go through the exhibit.

~ It’s best for elementary aged school-aged kids and older, but even little ones will find fun things to watch and do.

~ All stations have English and Spanish instructions

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  1. We saw it last night and LOVED it. Probably our favorite traveling exhibit ever at DMNS because everything was so interactive.

  2. This sounds like an amazing exhibit. Must get my family there!

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