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Postcards to Denver from a 10-Year-Old and His Mom

Postcards to Denver from a 10-Year-Old and His Mom

From western New York:

“The farm has ten chickens and two bunny rabbits. My chicken’s name is Geraldine. The rabbits are Sam and Matilda. I miss our dog. She would have so much fun here, but we were worried she would eat the chickens.”

“I forgot what it feels like to stay in bed long enough to listen to the birds, watch the sun move across the room and let my muscles stretch awake one at a time.”

From Snowmass, Colorado:

“Mom and Dad made us go on a hike. Why does anybody like hiking? You go up and up and up, and they keep saying it’s beautiful, which… who cares?! Then mom counts her mosquito bites. It would be more fun if we could bring the dog.”

From Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado:

“First of all, she smells like cigarettes. Then she brings her nine-year-old boy into the girls’ bathroom, and he pees on my feet from under the stall. It’s bad enough to get peed on by someone else’s kid, but it is really bad when you are camping and have no hope of a shower.”

“The best part of camping is that our dog gets to sleep in the tent. And we get to play with an axe.”

From Pemaquid Harbor, Maine:

“On our walk, there were so many different types of trees that I suddenly realized that, growing up in Denver, my boys have never made those placemats with colorful fall leaves they have collected and ironed between two sheets of wax paper.”

“Why doesn’t our dog ever get to ride in a boat? Mom never lets her go in a cool vehicle like an airplane or a speedboat or an ATV or a kayak. It’s not fair!”

We went to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the local theater. Some of the extras had to be in their eighties. It was as if the community has decided to give parts to nursing home residents even thought they cannot remember the words to songs or where to turn for the next dance move. And once you get used to the terrified lady with no teeth, it is very moving.”

“The best part of vacation is the penny candy store. The worst part is that our dog has to go to boot camp. I wonder what she is thinking right now.”

“I wish we could do our traveling in the fall. It is hard to beat Denver in the summertime, sitting by the pool, no humidity, no bugs. I feel like I live in a big resort.”

“She probably does about three hours of boot camp then talks to the other dogs and wonders when we are coming to get her.”

Jennifer Kelly is a Denver mom of three boys who loves summertime and traveling with her family. She writes Jennswondering, a blog about the joys and challenges of parenting.

Jennifer Kelly
Author: Jennifer Kelly

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  1. So cute and what a great way to remember your summer!

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