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Quiz: What Kind of School Parent are You?

Quiz: What Kind of School Parent are You?

Your kids are back in school! Take a few moments to consider where you fall in the big spectrum of parents. What kind of school parent are you?

1. There’s a “Join the PTA” banner on a table at school registration. You…

a) Use the fire exit to avoid making eye contact. Why can’t they do it all online?
b) Pick up a few information sheets and perhaps sign up to help with a class party or two.
c) Admire the banner. You made it. Look at those full color brochures. You made them. In fact, you are the one sitting behind the table, which you made.

2. It’s time for the first class party!

a) Yay! My kids are going to bring home candy!
b) I’ll send in paper plates and/or a veggie tray
c) I know. I planned the whole thing, from creating the Sign Up Genius to directing everyone to my Class Party Pinterest page where I helpfully listed approved treats with recipes, decor, and crafts.

3. The school calendar magnet on your refrigerator is used for:

a) Holding up my parking ticket.
b) Counting down the days to the next break.
c) Dreaming

4. The school pick-up line makes me feel

a) There’s a line? My kids are the last picked up. There’s no line. What are you talking about?
b) Glad to see my kids soon, but tense at times.
c) Enraged! Why can’t anyone do it right? If I directed traffic, it would go smoothly.

5. The word “fundraiser” is mentioned. Your first thought is

a) I like raising fun!
b) As long as it’s not wrapping paper or a coupon book…
c) “Hi Facebook friends, Twitter followers, neighbors, Class of 1992 friends, Co-workers, Clerks, Random Guy at the Dog Park!”

6. There’s a field trip and chaperones are needed!

a) I hope they don’t lose my kid.
b) I’ll sign up if they need me, especially for an interesting destination.
c) I will sit on a log and eat a sandwich in frigid, relentless rain with a bunch of surly third graders and I will love it.**

7. Your kids call you

a) Mom
b) Mom
c) Mom/Mrs. Davis/Co-Chair/President/Driver

8. Your kid sees you in a school hallway. His first thought:

a) Who died?
b) It’s my mom!
c) It’s my mom. (because it’s about as startling as seeing you in the living room at home)

9. The school mascot costume is being replaced. Bed bugs or something.

a) Gross
b) Okay
c) Would you like my measurements? I prefer a cotton blend. I can do cartwheels.

10. When school ends, you feel

a) Happy! No more homework battles.
b) Happy! Bring on summer!
c) Like playing Taps with a recorder.


If you answered mostly As, you are The School Slacker. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom! Maybe you underestimate your value or abilities? It wouldn’t kill you to get a wee more involved in school. Maybe you’re intimidated, or shy, or you think you’re too busy. Start small and you might discover it’s actually fun. Plus, you’ll develop a closer relationship with teachers and staff. It’s a win-win for you—and your kids.

If you answered mostly Bs, you are A Balanced Mom. You feel okay letting others drive the proverbial school bus, but you also understand the school needs your involvement. You find ways to help when time and money are pinched, but you don’t overextend yourself.

If you answered mostly Cs, you are The PTO Princess. If The School Slacker needs to dip her toes into the Autumn Carnival’s dunk tank, you might need to take a step back. Climb down the ladder. Go eat some funnel cake. You love your kids and you love their school, but you might be neglecting other aspects of your life. Don’t wear yourself out and don’t make the mistake of believing if you don’t do it, no one will. Or worse: Nobody can do it as well as you. Give others a chance to help.

*Quiz is not at all scientific. If you take the results seriously, I have a coupon book to sell you that will save you big on your next tire rotation.

**This happened to me.

Author: gretchen

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  1. I’m a PTO Princess who’s just one answer away from being balanced. There is hope!!!

  2. I LOVE this Quiz, Gretchen!

    I’m a STRONG B. YESSS. My hard work has paid off! 🙂

    For the record, I’ve tried REALLY, REALLY hard NOT to be a C. And I’ve been relatively successful. Yeah! No, really! I made myself NOT do lots of things, because I am very aware of the slippery slope.

    As for the field trip in the rain? And my performance? (Not unlike yours, I’m sure?) …I’m still waiting on official word from The Academy, but my chances look GOOD for at least a nomination. HA.

  3. I would be a “B,” but homeschooling forces me to be sort of a “C” which is out of my comfort zone! I love this quiz, so cute!

  4. I was a “B” but have been at it long enough that I’m falling quickly into an “A”. I keep telling myself, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But I’m tired. 🙂

  5. What would it mean, hypothetically, if someone scored as a School Slacker even though she plays Taps on the last day of school?


  6. Haha!! I’m strong B with a few A(s) thrown in. All I could think was, please don’t be a slacker. In truth, I’m probably more slacker than not. Ahh well. It takes all kinds, right?

  7. Have you been spying on me.

    PTA Princess! I’m All In!

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