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Learning Begins at Birth: Five Ways to Teach Your Baby

Learning Begins at Birth: Five Ways to Teach Your Baby

Research shows that by three years old, the learning pathways of a child’s brain are 90% developed. This is why it is so important that from the time a baby is born, parents and caregivers are engaging them in simple activities so they are ready to learn and read even before preschool.

There are so many things you can do with young children to help them enjoy language, books and reading. Remember, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Here are some easy tips to integrate into your everyday life:

READ: Read a book with your baby and describe the pictures. Play I-Spy with a letter or object while reading a book. Have your child repeat words and sounds and turn the pages while sharing a book. Also, read a book yourself, and show them your love of reading.

SING: Sing the alphabet song.  Sing a song while riding in a car together. Recite a nursery rhyme. Sing the same song at bedtime.

TALK: Take a walk and tell your child what you see – point out birds, signs, trees etc. Look at animal pictures and teach them the sounds they make. When changing their diaper, point out their knees, elbows, nose and belly.

PLAY: Play peek-a-boo. Pretend to be different animals. Clap and dance to music. Play with toys at bath time.

WRITE: Write their name and point out the letters. Have your child color with a big crayon. Draw shapes and tell them their names. Write the names of family members of your child.


jimgillLibraries provide free age-appropriate programs like Denver Public Library’s Bookbabies and Tales for Two that use best practices with a strong emphasis on reading aloud to children and making the experience fun!

On Saturday, September 7, the Denver Public Library is hosting a free concert with award-winning children’s musician Jim Gill. Suitable for families with kids ages birth – three, the interactive show will feature energetic rhythms on Jim’s banjo while everyone claps, sings, dances and even sneezes along to the silly and inspiring musical games that he creates.  The concert will take place at the Denver Central Library, B2 Conference Center, 10 W. 14th Ave Parkway (at Broadway), 2 p.m. FREE, no RSVP required.

For more tips and storytime locations visit the Denver Public Library’s “kids” website [].

-Jen Morris, Denver Public Library
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  1. Great advice! I also did baby sign language with my daughter and she seemed to pick up on things very quickly. Plus, it was great to be able to communicate with her at a young age!

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