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Join LiveWell Colorado’s Challenge Aug. 1 (+ Prizes!)

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I have been watching far too much television – when I believe that all personal trainers are mean and are going to yell at me (yes, Jillian I’m talking about you). But when I have an opportunity to speak with Jamie Atlas, AKA Rally Man with Live Well Colorado – I just plain feel inspired! He makes me believe that every little step is enough to keep pushing toward the next! He really is a great inspiration.

I understand why Live Well chose him to represent what they stand for – Live Well Colorado’s whole purpose is to get us moving. Yes, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation. But, that doesn’t say much when the number of people who are considered obese continues to rise each year. Furthermore, more than half our state is obese! YIKES!

I love Rally Man’s analogy of a healthy person and a car. If you have a pretty car but the car has no engine – it still isn’t going to drive well is it? If you have an average car with a souped up engine that baby’s totally gonna run! What are you doing to get your “engine” in working order?

Join Live Well Colorado, Mayor Hickenlooper, Rally Man and MapMyFitness and join the Get Moving Challenge. For 30 days (starting August 1st) log 30 minutes a day of movement (this can be ANYTHING – walk, play on the playground with your kids, go on a hike, wash the car) and you will get a free t-shirt. If you log 15-29 days of 30 minutes of activity you will get a free hat. There are other really great prizes as well like an EPIC pass from Vail Resorts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.  VRRROOOOMMMM!

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    Hi! I’m sorry but where do you sign up and sign in?

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