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How do you do it, Busy Mom?

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I feel like I’m struggling with balance lately. I devote my time and energy to so many different roles, some being more focused on than others.

At times it feels like there is a part of my life being neglected and I have to do my very best to carve out even more time, that I don’t seem to have, to devote to it.

Right now I’m struggling with exercise. When do I fit it in to my already packed life? I know the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle but I really am asking myself how I can make it all work.

Right now I already wake up a half an hour earlier than I need to in order to pump bottles for my baby. Then I start getting ready for work. I honestly can’t fathom getting up any earlier than I already do. So early morning workouts are out!

I work from 8am-5pm and my hour long lunch break is currently used to pump more bottles. Therefore, lunch break workout is out!

Then there is the window of time that many of us working parents are very familiar with. I’m talking about the sprint between daycare pick-up and the kids’ bedtime. For us it is a 2 ½ – 3 hour window which consists of bottle washing, dinner preparing and eating, baths, playtime, story time, etc.

After the kids are down we then have to get ourselves ready for the next day and I still have to pump one last time. By the time this is all over it is about 9pm and we are ready for bed. Glamorous bunch, I know!

I can’t tell you the last time I rolled out my yoga mat, went for a jog, or even went to the rec center for a workout. I just don’t know where to fit it in but I so desperately want to.

My husband and I work to maintain healthy eating habits, which I know is a good piece of the puzzle, but I can feel my body aching for some movement other than running after my toddler, scooping up toys on the floor and powering through endless chores.

At times I wonder if this is just a product of our life stage at the moment. With a 2 year old and a 5 ½ month old are we limited with what activities we can do? We are saving up for a double jogging stroller which I’m hoping can solve some of this problem as we can all be together as a family while working out.  But then I wonder if I should use workouts as time to be alone, which is also important for moms.

So I’m turning to you! How do you do it mamas? Where do you find the time to squeeze in a workout? How often during the week do you workout? Do you take the kids or look to your workouts for some much needed alone time?

I appreciate your advice and I hope to be getting my booty in gear very soon!

Kendra is a full-time working mom to a precocious two-year old boy and five month old baby girl and wife to her long-time sweetheart. At “My Full-Thyme Life ( she writes about how she attempts to balance her cherished roles as wife, mom and key employee. 

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson June 18, 2013

    I’m struggling with that balance now that the kids are home for the summer. My biggest advice when they were younger was taking them with you. That jogging stroller is key (I got one that also converted into a bike trailer). Stay active as a family–hikes,’ll be amazed how much exercise you can fit in. Oh, and I often got up very, very early sometimes when I couldn’t fit it in.

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 18, 2013

      Thanks, Amber! The stroller WILL make a huge difference!

  • comment avatar Kristin June 18, 2013

    I’ve had to learn that I may not get a dedicated hour for working out like I used to. Sometimes, 15 minutes is good enough. I’ve also started doing like standing crunches and stuff if we’re at the playground and I’m just watching Munch play.

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 19, 2013

      Great ideas, Kristin! I need to be aware of those moments where I could be doing something simple like this. Thanks!

  • comment avatar Gretchen June 18, 2013

    I love the new Beachbody program T25 by the same guy that does Insanity (25 minutes)!!

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 18, 2013

      Thanks, Gretchen! I will check this out for sure!

  • comment avatar epicryde June 19, 2013

    Check out Epic Ryde! We offer a variety of classes including indoor cycling, TRX and bootcamps that will fit a new mom’s schedule. Did I mention we are a lot of fun!!

  • comment avatar Olivia June 19, 2013

    To be honest, unless you have someone that can take the baby everyday for a while so you can go workout, it just doesnt happen much until they are a little older. Even then, its just whenever you can squeeze it in during naps or putting them in a jogger and going running/walking. It will get easier to work out as they get older!

    • comment avatar Kendra June 19, 2013

      That’s what I’m thinking. I’ll do my best with the other aspects of my life like eating well and getting sleep (when the kids cooperate) but hardcore workout regimens will have to wait!

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 19, 2013

      That’s what I was thinking. For now, I can’t make myself crazy stressing over this. I will do what I can, when I can and as they get older take advantage. Thanks, Olivia!

  • comment avatar Billie June 19, 2013

    I can take my oldest to work out *with* me now, my daughter is able to sit at hang out at the rec center while we workout. As a new mom, i mostly walked, walked and walked some more. Was the easiest way I knew to get some exercise in and get the kids involved/take them with.

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 19, 2013

      I definitely walk a lot but I don’t feel like it’s enough to get my butt in gear! At least it’s something for the time being. Thanks, Billie!

  • comment avatar Megan June 19, 2013

    Walking with the stroller, legs while I brush my teeth(electric toothbrush helps with this) and a quick 5-10 min before a shower of jumping jacks an sit up and push ups and such. It’s not enough, but better than nothing!

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 19, 2013

      I like these ideas. Taking advantage of moments throughout the day will start to add up. Thanks!

  • comment avatar Lisa June 19, 2013

    Four quick sun salutations before you get in the shower in the morning (takes less than 4 minutes) will stretch you out and get your blood pumping. You don’t even need the mat. 🙂 That was my salvation for a long time. I also did some end of day neck and shoulder stretches, supine twists, and seated leg stretches to help me ease into sleep.

    Now I bring hula hoops to my son’s baseball practice so I can get in exercise while I watch them. It’s a never ending creative process. 🙂

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 26, 2013

      These are great ideas! I love sun salutations! Thanks, Lisa.

  • comment avatar Tiffaney Graham June 21, 2013

    Hi Kendra,

    When I was working, I would take advantage of lunch workouts or early mornings. Now that I work from home, I am taking advantage of HIT training (high-intensity training). I would look up a few HIT videos on YouTube and find one that you like. It’s great because it’s only about 15 minutes and it has the value of an hour. Like folks said before you don’t need long. You can do that before bed, which adds more benefits as your body will continue to burn calories as you sleep.

    Also are you planning out your schedule weekly? I bet if you sat down and and analyzed all the things you do and the time it takes you can construct your schedule to carve out 15-30 minutes a day. Good Luck!

    • comment avatar Kendra Scott June 26, 2013

      Tiffaney, I really like the idea of planning out the week. I’m a “planner” by nature and that is an idea I know could help me out. Plus it is so simple I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of it by now! Thanks!