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Mom Memories: Being Present in the Random Moments of Joy

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When I reflect on the thirteen years I’ve been a mom (and, no, I cannot believe that tiny baby is really a teenager now!) my favorite moments are often random glimpses of everyday life.

Like everyone else I get caught up in the constant doing of life…getting kids from here to there, washing dishes and clothes, wiping bottoms and counters, and the endless picking up of books, toys, clothes, shoes, and the other various and a sundry items that are part of the life of a child…and can forgot about just being.

When I take time to be in the moment with my family I am always rewarded with precious moments of joy, wonder, and love like these:

  • Watching my little one examine the river rocks in our front yard as if they were the most amazing treasures in the world.
  • Kicking through the leaves piled in the gutter, baby boy on my back, and the sun sparkling through the trees.
  • Brothers holding hands as they walk up the street ahead of mom and dad.
  • Snuggling in bed laughing endlessly about absolutely nothing.
  • Quiet conversations about girls and crushes and how to make sense of it all.
  • Spontaneous dance parties in the living room or kitchen.
  • Discovering the first flowers of spring.
  • Splash filled walks in the rain.
  • Soaking in the quiet of a snowy day.
  • Resting in the snow on a snowshoeing outing and watching the boys move like lightning when we notice animal tracks that look suspiciously like some kind of big cat…then laughing at ourselves when we realize it was probably just a bunny.
  • Sharing our old school music with the boys and discovering them listening to it on their iPods and singing it in the shower.
  • Riding behind my husband and the boys down the bike path, the sun glinting off their backs, the warm breeze on my cheeks, and the grin bursting from my face.
  • The first days of school with nervous giggles and proud smiles.
  • and the countless, precious hugs, smiles, and I love yous that flow through our days.

When I take the time to be, the struggles and drudgery that can be part of motherhood fade away to reveal these small, sweet, and essential moments that bring light and joy to my life.

Lisa Vratny-Smith edits the MHM Mama Drama column along with her Laughing Yoga Mama blog. The rest of her time is spent juggling life as a school social worker, yoga teacher, mom of two big brained, active boys and wife of one amazing husband who make life interesting and full of precious moments.

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  • comment avatar Lori Lavender Luz May 11, 2013

    What a perfect reminder for my often rush-rush-don’t-pay-attention life:

    “When I take the time to be, the struggles and drudgery that can be part of motherhood fade away to reveal these small, sweet, and essential moments that bring light and joy to my life.”

    Happy weekend to you, Lisa.

    • comment avatar Lisa May 15, 2013

      Thanks, Lori. Hope you had a lovely mother’s day.

  • comment avatar Braden May 13, 2013

    I’m at my 40s now and I still remember the moments with my mom when I was a child. I’m a father of 3 and I can now relate how most parents feel when their youngsters are already grownups. Those moments, flashing by, while you sit at the rocking chair and it’s raining.

    • comment avatar Lisa May 15, 2013

      It’s raining today as I’m reading this, Braden, and watching my youngest practice his trumpet. Trying to soak it in now, so I don’t forget when I’m in the rocking chair. 🙂

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