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Top 5 Tips for the Dirty Dash (20% Off & ENTER to WIN!)


The Dirty Dash? This race on June 16 at the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield is intimidating, I know. Fear not…this race is great for all skill levels AND you can whoop it up for the cam an we’ll never know how many pits and obstacles you decided to tiptoe around. Family-friendly? YES! There’s even a Piglet Plunge so the little ones can be in on the action! As for team Fine S’Wine, well, let’s just say there *was* blood, oh ya.

My Personal Top 5 Tips for the Dirty Dash:

5. If you’re down with root beer, ID not necessary…review rules packet pick-up.
4. Wear clothes that can get D.I.R.T.Y. (undies and all – not kidding)
3. Potty breaks in mud pits are just not ok (so it wasn’t the Dirty Dash, but apparently this *has* happened, eek!)
2. A gleaming white shirt at the end of this race = social shaming
1. Photo Op FUN…because you know your social media friends love this stuff!

What is team Fine S’Wine?…What is The Dirty Dash?…and how do I sign up, right!? Well, lemme fill ya in! (DD ’12 rundown)

Team Fine S’Wine  {legit team name gratis creative member/co-captain Melissa}
Fine sWine is the uber-talented, fabulous foursome we assimilated for the Dirty Dash. Yep, I gathered three of my most athletic friends (OK, so none of us have *actually* competed in a mud OR obstacle race, two members are new to the whole idea of running – without vice trailing close behind – and one is only agreeing to this because rumor has it there might be a beer [rootbeer option] chug along the course…ya, be intimidated!) After carefully selecting my team, I passed along the specific training advice I received from the event coordinators: Get up, walk around and do some stuff. Sit back down. We so have this in the bag!

The Dirty Dash
Um, just about the most epic, cool race to roll through the Rockies this summer…and it’s family friendly too!!! This 3.5 mile competition includes walls, pipes, nets, slip ‘n slides – YES, I said slip ‘n slides!!! – and all kinds of other dirty, muddy challenges to help you prove to yourself *and those around you* that age (and the nearing mid-life spare tire) is not going to deter you from being a champion at your sport!

Get the scoop on this year’s muddy mess…and start training now! Friends, mud, more mud, friends. Yep. That’s it. You’re in! Oh, camera. Check.

The Contest
All this and a chance to win TWO FREE RACE REGISTRATIONS!?!? Life doesn’t get much better than this. BE SURE TO GO HERE TO ENTER. Contest deadline is May 17, 2013.

 20% OFF Promo Code: milehighmamas

Fine Print: Not responsible for injuries prior to, during or following the dash – including but not limited to: emotional distraught over failure to win a free registration, failed attempt at proper training procedure, lack of creativity in team name formulation or rightful intimidation by the daunting competition (aka: Fine S’Wine).

photos: Andrew McKee, Jaime Clark

Author: Jaime

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