Month: March 2013

Family Volunteer Opportunity: Spring Clean-up for Seniors

The first day of spring has sprung and Volunteers of American and local seniors need your help! Join them for next month’s Family Volunteer Project, “Spring Clean-up for Seniors.” Volunteers will be assigned to a senior’s home to help with light yard work (weeding, raking, mowing, trimming bushes, etc.) What:     Family Volunteers will be doing light yard work for seniors in need. Depending on the needs of each client, activities include weeding gardens, mowing lawns, raking leaves, trimming bushes, and other general yard work. Families will be asked to provide trash bags and any general yard tools they have available. When:    Saturday, April 27th, 2013 ,10 a.m. – moon (time frame is flexible if needed) Where:   Family volunteers will be assigned to a senior&...

Colorado’s child poverty rate almost doubles in 10 years

Colorado has the second fastest growing rate of child poverty in the nation, according a Kids Count Colorado, an annual report from Colorado Children’s Campaign. The report, part of the Anne E. Casey Foundation’s national Kids County project, found that the rate of children living in poverty almost doubled between 2000 and 2011, to 18 percent from 10 percent, a trend experts say could get worse as the state slowly recovers from recent economic recessions. Only Nevada’s child-poverty rate increased more quickly.

Where does the “Mom Guilt” come from?

Now that I am a mom of two under two, I feel the “mom guilt” more than ever. I have to nurse the baby and can’t play with the toddler, the TV comes on to “entertain” my little fella… guilt. Too much TV. I have to tend to the toddler who just fell down and hurt himself but the infant is screaming at the top of her lungs because she is starving… double guilt. Toddler fell down while I wasn’t watching him, why wasn’t I watching?! The infant is hungry but I can’t get there fast enough.

Help! Sick of Struggling with Decisions on Doctors and Health Care?

The occupation listed on the resume of a stay-at-home mom should probably read: “Chief Executive Officer: Home Front, et al.” As the CEO of the home front, and everything related to the home front, our responsibilities are vast: We tackle mountains of laundry; we wash the same high-chair tray up to five times a day; we cook; we clean; we do event planning; and the list goes on and on. I have been fortunate enough to stay home for almost two years now with my son. I thought I would struggle more with the transition from being a work-a-holic at a 60-hour-a-week job, but I’ve adjusted better than I expected. The only part of my new role that has ever truly made me doubt myself was when it came to doctors.

Denver Deal: Alamo Draft, Disney on Ice, Jamba Juice & more

I recently got to try the new menu at Panera. They are now offering pastas! The evening was so full of food – if anyone went away hungry it is their own fault. We tried two different salads (the spinach was delicious!!!), four pastas and three desserts. While this was a really fun  invite to try it – most of the diners there that night were some of their most loyal customers. You can be invited to a night like that too – just sign up for their free loyalty club. Alamo Drafthouse The concept of dining and movies at the same place – has been taken to a new level with the giant Alamo Drafthouse opening their location in Littleton (at Aspen Grove) very soon. On March 22, 23, and 24th before they “open to the public” (on the 25th) you can see great films for ...

Events: Easter Egg Hunts, Treasure Trove and More

March Discovery Days. On March 19-20, the WOW! Children’s Museum will helpBig & Small Discover your inner scientist. Drop-in and explore our monthly informal hands-on science sessions. This month, they’re learning about size, both little and bit. Activities are open for exploration from 10 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and are included with Museum admission. Museum Admission: $8 for children; free for adults and infants. Denver Children’s Theatre presents Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. On Sunday, March 24 experience the magic of the live theatre with the whole family at the Elaine Wolf Theatre in Denver. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is based on a series of books by Kevin Henkes, the winner of the 2005 Caldecott medal. Through clever dialogue, fast-paced scenes, realistic characters, and ye...

Five Fabulous Spring Break Ideas in Denver

Spring Break in Colorado is a glorious thing! I will be appearing on 9News My20 in the 8:30 a.m. block to kick-off a week-long series about great ways to spend it with your kids. Here are some of my suggestions. Botanic Gardens. Nothing welcomes spring better than exploring nature and on Wednesday, March 27 Colorado residents can enjoy a special free day at the Gardens and Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield. March 25-29, enroll your kids in Spring Break Camp: Garden Explorers for a fun week of exploration, crafts and culinary arts. Week-long Camps for Kids allows children ages 6-12 to discover the world of plants through art, science, cooking, gardening and outdoor exploration. Denver Botanic Gardens also offers drop-in Seedling Classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These are a fun,...

All About Baby Giveaway: Tray Table Cover, Gutzy Gear and More!

**CONTEST CLOSED.** Star Kids: Play-n-Go Tray Table Cover, Snack & Play Travel Tray Retail Value: $24.99, $19.99 It’s like this company read my mind when developing their travel-friendly kids’ products. Whether you’re hauling the little ones around in the car, on a plane, or down the street, the Snack & Play Travel Tray keeps all of their treats, eats and toys in one place, helping to contain those inevitable drops and spills. And to keep them entertained, the Play-n-Go Tray Table Cover provides a clean surface full of toys and activities. It’s like a portable entertainment center for babies! Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser Retail Value: $39.99 If there’s one thing in your nursery that should be simple and organized, it’s the changing table. Bobee makes tha...

Denver Post’s Extensive Summer Camp Guide 2013

Believe it or not, summer camps are already filling up so don’t miss these great articles: Summer Camps Connect Kids with Nature The right summer camp for the right kid: A parent’s guide And, of course, the Denver Post’s extensive summer camp listing that details hundreds of overnight and day camps that are searchable by zipcode, activity, camp name and child’s age.  

How can I discuss death and dying with my kids?

Dear Mama Drama: I have two children ages 3 and 5. We have a family member who has been diagnosed with cancer and her prognosis does not look good at this point. I’m not sure how to tell my children about this or even if I should tell them. I also don’t know how much to tell them. Death was not something discussed openly in my family growing up and I have always been uncomfortable talking about it. I want to change that for my children, so any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. ~ Uncertain Mama (photo credit) Dear Uncertain:

Standardized tests are killing our students’ creativity, desire to learn

There is a monster waiting for your children in the spring. Its creators have fashioned it so that however children may prepare for it, they will be undone by its clever industry. The children know it’s coming. They have encountered it every year since third grade, and every year it has taken parts of their souls. And not just in the spring. Every day in class, the children are asked which answer is right, although the smarter children realize that sometimes there are parts of several answers that could be right. And they sit. And they write. Not to express their understanding of the world. Or to even form their own opinions about ideas they have read. Instead, they must dance the steps that they have been told are important: First, build your writing with a certain number of words, ...

The Mommy Bailout: Are You Helping Your Kid By Excusing Missing Homework?

If you have a child in school who falls anywhere from first grade to twelfth, you’ve experienced this. The sad eyes. The slow tear down the cheek. And the, “Mom, I don’t know what happened. Can you just write me a note?” In my house, it doesn’t occur often but I do get the occasional plea for a homework excuse. The reasoning behind it ranges anywhere from “I can’t find it” to the 11:00 PM “but Mom I didn’t know it was due tomorrow!” And each time I’m asked to put pen to paper, I struggle with whether or not I should.