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From Model to Mom: What Fashions Are Hot for Spring 2013

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could be front row at one of the spectacular fashion shows that take place during fashion weeks across the globe, you’re not alone. I often wonder if I could even contain myself if I got to sit amongst the fashion industry giants and be within feet of such beautiful couture clothes.

As unattainable as a front row seat feels, the clothing can sometimes feel just as far away from reality here in Denver. We have a few high-end boutiques and for them, I’m so grateful for the inspiration and fashions they offer. But for the most part, we are left with department stores and huge retail chains like Target.

As I poured over the runway photos filtering in from the Spring 2013 collections, I was inspired to pick six of my favorite looks and present a “Model to Mom” collection of outfits that ARE attainable to the fashionable Colorado moms. [portfolio_slideshow]

I hope you enjoy the pieces I chose and feel inspired to recreate your own runway looks. All of these are surely hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars cheaper to wear. Happy shopping!

Jill Carter is the owner of Common Couture, a local styling company that offers “High Style for the Common People”. She is a Colorado native and mother of two and has been married to her highschool sweetheart for 15 years. Her passion is to help women see their true beauty and bring out their confidence through coaching and styling.


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  1. Turned out great and I love all the bright, fun colors!

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