Month: March 2013

Events: Treasure Trove, Free First Saturday and More

Free First Saturdays, sponsored by Target. The Denver Art Museum offers free general admission on the first Saturday of the month. Visitors can enjoy all of the museum’s regular offerings for free, including the many galleries and exhibitions on view throughout the complex. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday; distribution of free tickets begins at 10 a.m. Tickets are available on-site only and while supplies last. Free First Saturdays are sponsored by Target and made possible by the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. AMC Theatres Bring Your Baby Matinee, First Tuesday of Every Month. Crying babies? Breastfeeding? Stroller parking? All of the above is allowed at these special showings for parents like you.  On Tuesday, April 2 at noon se...

Should toys get a gender-neutral makeover?

Two months ago, Jorge Meija, of Martinez, spotted the perfect bicycle for his 4-year-old son, Julian, at a garage sale. It was gently used with sturdy wheels and a clean chain. It was also pink. There was a time when Meija, an immigrant from a “traditional home where men went to work and women cooked and cleaned” would’ve left the bike behind because of its color. But the $5 price spoke to him, as did the message it would send to Julian, who plays with his kitchen set with the same enthusiasm he brings to his trucks. “I want my kids to understand gender without discriminating or thinking it is the only thing that defines them,” Meija says. “Dad cooks, and mom rode dirt bikes as a girl. Why should it matter?” It is a common debate among parents and ...

From Model to Mom: What Fashions Are Hot for Spring 2013

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could be front row at one of the spectacular fashion shows that take place during fashion weeks across the globe, you’re not alone.

The Housewife: A Hilarious Glimpse at American History

1955: Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed. 2013: Planning and doing are two very different concepts. In my mind I’ve planned millions of four-star meals. In reality, we eat a lot of take-out. 1955: Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. 2013: The kids took the ribbon out of my hair and the dog ate it. I had intentio...

Potty Training Tips from a Mom of Nine

I have helped seven children graduate out of diapers and into undies. My first few kids were subjected to all kinds of nonsense, fueled by advice found in parenting manuals. Barrels of tears were cried as accidents mounted. Frustration and angst hung in the air as my main focus in life seemed to be the state of my little one’s innards. It took a long time to learn that bladders don’t know how to read anything, especially parenting manuals. Bladders don’t blow out birthday candles, either, so they aren’t aware they just turned two. When I began thinking about potty training our fourth child, a thought occurred to me. My three oldest kids had terrible times mastering the numerous skills that need to come together. Kids need physical self-awareness, the ability to anti...

Denver Deal: Free Day at Botanic Gardens, March Madness Spa

Trial tuneup at the spa Denver’s Oxford Club, Spa & Salon is getting into the March Madness frenzy with a March Madness Spa, Style & Sport package. For $65, guests receive a two-month trial membership to the Club’s Fitness Center, a classic manicure and pedicure and the choice of a 50-minute Swedish massage or Oxford facial. The Fitness Center offers daily group exercise classes along with strength training and cardio equipment. The package must be purchased by April 1 and redeemed by June 30. 1616 17th St., 303-628-5435, Sspr says thank you South Suburban Parks and Recreation is hosting its annual “Customer Appreciation Week” Sunday through April 7 with discounts on passes including punch, monthly and annual at Goodson in Centennial, Buck ...

Save money when shopping online: Tips from an expert

So the thing you want costs too much. Join the club! Here are a few general tips for online shopping that might help you pay less. They’re using what they know about you Before you try anything else, try this: Check the price in a different browser. It’s not a reliable way to find a lower price, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Michelle Madhok, founder of, has a simple explanation: Some sites will serve up different prices based on the shopper’s location.

Events: Easter Egg Hunts Galore & Star Gazing!

Easter Egg Hunts March 31 – Easter at Copper Mountain. EGGstreme youngsters 7-11 years old are invited to participate in the annual Center Village Egg Hunt at 10 a.m. featuring a whopping 50,000 eggs. Big “kids” can hunt for special “Copper Eggs” hidden on the mountain, while little bitty peeps have their very own hunt around Copper’s Climbing Wall at 11 a.m. The event also features photo ops with the Easter Bunny at West Lake in Center Village, tons of egg-cellent prizes, and a noon egg decorating party with all of the leftover treasure from the hunts. Children’s Museum of Denver March 30: The annual Spring Festival features the “Bunny Trail EggVenture” with indoor and outdoor activities, animals from the Urban Farm, story times with the Big Bunny, arts and craft station...

Too many worksheets? What parents should expect for homework

Worksheets. What memories does the word conjure up for you? I still have a deep olfactory memory of the damp mimeograph worksheets we used to sniff in class. Sometimes they were so damp a pencil barely worked. You’d think that all school worksheets today would be online but they’re not. Some kids – right here in high tech happy Colorado –  are still coming home with mountains of good ‘ol worksheets. So, do these pieces of paper really assist learning? Some probably do. Others, not so much. If you’re among the parents who question the value of so many worksheets at the younger grades, then you’ll appreciate the advice recently shared with EdNews readers from expert, teacher educator and mom Kathleen Luttenegger.

Movie review: “The Croods” a fantastic animated journey

Rated PG. 91 minutes. At area theaters The following observation comes with apologies to the Geico Caveman: Full of code-enabled visual artistry and infused with story-telling wisdom, “The Croods” is epochs ahead of its fear-driven cave-dad Grug. And yet, the family that leaves their cave out of necessity and embarks on a journey in DreamWorks’ latest animated feature turns out to be a touching poster clan for the joys and pangs, risks and rewards of evolving.

Want to learn to run? Skirt Sports partners new runners with seasoned ones

I love when I get to meet someone amazing. Even better when they don’t only meet my expectations, but exceed them. I was lucky enough to sit down with Nicole DeBoom, Founder of Skirt Sports and found a kindred spirit (I wish!) Nicole’s enthusiasm for life is abundant the moment she (and Chris, her PR partner) walked into the Caribou Coffee. It is apparent they do not need the coffee to keep themselves energized. Nicole is a new mom (her baby girl is a year old) but she has wonderful energy.

Welcome to SpRinG BrEaK, 2013 Edition

Late(ish) nights, unkempt rooms, uncontrollable raucous, random stickers clinging to the floor, leftover pizza, evaporated Lucky Charms (minus the marshmallowy yummies) crispfused to the table and a never ending pile of seriously dirty laundry. Still sounds like college, doesn’t it? I know what you’re thinking – too many charms in my bowl, but hear me out.

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