Month: February 2013

Giveaway: Win a FREE Cheerleader Camp and Multi-Sport Scholarship from Gold Crown!

CONTEST CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS HJ  HAYS AND SERENA MARION. Believe it or not, Spring Break is right around the corner and Mile High Mamas is partnering with Gold Crown Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity founded in 1986 by former NBA great Bill Hanzlik and Colorado business leader Ray Baker. The prize? We are giving away scholarships to two camps: 1 free entry to Cheerleader Camp ($125 value) and 1 free entry to Multi-Sport Camp ($115 value).  The details:

February in the garden: Plan and get ready; water parched plants

Indoors Vegetables Plan, dream and draw up your vegetable garden plans. Review your seed catalogs (pure eye candy for most gardeners), or search the Web or scan the seed racks in garden centers. New veggie garden? Learn more by signing up for a vegetable class at your area botanic garden or garden center. • Direct seeding outdoors of radishes, lettuce, spinach, peas and arugula can be done in March, but round up row covers or cold-frame options for extended freeze periods.

Transgender Fountain 1st grader banned from girls bathroom, discrimination claim filed

The parents of a transgender 6-year-old have filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division because Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain has banned the 1st grader from using the girl's bathroom.

Boys Will Be Boys: 10 Activities to Engage Them in Education

A February 2 New York Times opinion piece decried the fact that boys are academically falling behind their girl counterparts. Nothing new there. Girls are apparently getting better grades, graduating in greater numbers from high school and pursuing higher education. The prevalent theory is that today’s classrooms, curriculum and assessments are not set up for boys. So they disengage. As parents, we can take part in engaging our boys in their education from the start. I have three boys, so I have thought a lot about what the articles are saying. These are some ideas for parents of boys in Denver (they are great for girls too): 1) Create a fantasy football league, do baseball stats, or otherwise find ways to play with numbers and sports together so that they are doing math without even think...

Mammoths and Mastadons: Titans of the Ice Age

There’s a time machine on the third floor of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and it’s target is the Ice Age. This wild and woolly era of earth’s history hosted some of the most fascinating animals to roam the earth, including our own Colorado backyard. This rich fossil record has been collected into an astonishing exhibit called Mammoths and Mastadons: Titan of the Ice Age. From now until May 27th, 2013, families can explore the lives—and deaths—of these majestic creatures through hands-on activities and numerous interactive stations. Kids can joust with tusks, touch molars the size of bricks, be immersed in a painted cave, play with pachyderm poo, pose with intimidating life-sized models of ice age animals, and coo over baby mammoth Lyuba. Fun animat...

Colorado task force says marijuana should be in child-proof packages

The possible rules for Colorado’s forthcoming recreational-marijuana industry have begun to take shape, after a marathon meeting of a state task force. Under proposals endorsed Monday by the state’s Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force, marijuana products would have to be sold in child-proof packaging and not contain any logos or ingredients designed solely to appeal to children. They could not be mixed with nicotine. Marijuana and pot-infused edibles would have to come with labels that would detail the items’ potency and also disclose the pesticides or fertilizers used in cultivation.

Denver Deal: Burger King, Bicycle Village, Chick-Fil-A & more

I love to go to the frozen yogurt (or ice cream) places when it snows! I recently went with my daughter to TCBY to try out the Double Fudge Brownie flavor. TCBY changes flavors every month and this is one of the new ones. I thought my daughter would be gaga over it as she loooooves chocolate. But she tried it and said “meh” and then proceeded to have regular chocolate. I also just thought it was OK – but still think about the toasted marshmallow from summer. What flavor would you like to see? Plus, one more week of voting for me (Gretchen Y) at (I need thousands of votes). Could you please help? Chick-Fil-A Sign up this week for your free Chick-Fil-A breakfast March 4-9, 2013. Beginning Monday, Feb. 25,  visit to re...

Events: Family Magic Festival, Free Concerts and More!

The Ski Joring & Crystal Carnival, Leadville (March 1 – 3). Ski joring is a competition where a horse and rider pull a skier at a fast pace through a course that features gates, jumps and rings. The skier is timed through the course, and penalties are assessed by missing gates or jumps, and by missing or dropping any of the rings. Additional activities include a children’s parade, Nordic and winter mountain bike races and more. YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Family Magic Festival. On March 1-3, family members will witness and learn amazing magic tricks through demonstrations and instruction.  Take a peek inside a real magician’s bag and learn tips and trick for your own magic show.  Other activities include swimming, roller skating and crafts. All inclusive rates include 5 meals, activ...

Colorado school closures and delays for Feb. 25, 2013

The following school closures have been reported for Monday, February 25, 2013. ABC Childcare Center – Opening at 8 a.m. Academy Charter School – Castle Rock – Closed Accelerated Schools – Closed Accounting and Business School/Rockies – 1 Hour Delay, Opening at 10 a.m. Ambleside School – Opening at 9:55 a.m. American Academy – Closed Arapahoe Community College – Opening at 10 a.m. Aurora Public Schools – One Hour Delay Ave Maria Catholic School – Opening at 10 a.m. Belleview Christian School – Opening at 9 a.m. Read more: Colorado school closures and delays for Feb. 25, 2013 – The Denver Post

Moms, comedy, cocktails: Pump and Dump Comedy Night makes ’em laugh

The first thing you notice when you walk into northwest Denver bar Local 46 is all … those … women. More than 150 of them in all. The second thing you notice are the four dudes hanging awkwardly out of place in back, next to the freestanding waffle chef. (Mmm, waffles.) The lady with the mic playfully refers to these guys as “the mother (bleepers),” and she’s not so much being cruel as … literal. After all, if it weren’t for these (and other) husbands and fathers, none of the women here would even be mothers. And almost all of them are. Here is the Pump and Dump, a new monthly “parentally incorrect” live comedy talk show where moms dish the diaper-doo, and men eat the waffles. The Pump and Dump lactational spectacular — which plays Loca...

Colorado House passes sex ed bill over Republicans’ objections

Colorado Democrats approved a bill that expands sex-ed standards after a debate in the House Friday that wasn’t X-rated but certainly wasn’t PG. Republican lawmakers read from various sex-ed curriculum, including how to have fun learning about condoms and substituting grape jelly or maple syrup for lubricants. They said that wasn’t appropriate for school kids. House Bill 1081 by Rep. Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, passed on a party-line vote with all 37 Democrats in favor and all 28 Republicans opposed. It now goes to the Senate.

Denver parks shuts down sports fields through April 1 due to drought

A prolonged drought is forcing Denver Parks and Recreation to close its grass sports fields for soccer and lacrosse until April 1 — which will keep thousands of children and adults from playing their sports. The news of the closure came only 15 days before the start of the spring season for most teams. “Disappointing,” said Aaron Nagle, executive director of Skyline Soccer Association, which has about 3,000 players ages 3-18. “We had the same conditions last year. I said we need to prepare. Then 15 days before we are supposed to start, this e-mail goes out.”

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