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Local Company Makes Team and Group Management a Snap for Parents

With the new year upon us, we are all looking for new tools and ideas for a better organized life. With every passing month it seems like new events, projects, gatherings and groups get added onto the schedule. I know I certainly need all the help I can get when it comes to staying on top of events and gatherings (as well as my responsibilities for each – do I have snack responsibilities this week?).

TeamSnap is a locally-based company that has made team and group organization so much easier for thousands of groups and teams. While spring/summer/fall is the peak time for sports, there is still so much this great tool can do for parents! TeamSnap makes group and team management, sharing, payments, schedule-change alerts, photo sharing, snack schedule and so much more just a click or two away. Here are just a few groups who use the freemium service – definitely a headache saver!

Photo Credit: TeamSnap

If you’re really involved in your kids’ sports or are involved in a league yourself, here are just a few of the types of team management TeamSnap can provide:

Photo Credit: TeamSnap

The service is a freemium one – meaning a basic membership is free and the more complex, feature-rich ones cost a nominal monthly fee. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page, informed and on-time with payments. Again, a free membership can help you see if the paid services would suit your organization or group’s needs.

I’ve heard people ask why this is better than Facebook. TeamSnap actually offers a lot more in the payment management department (ie, Who still owes money for team uniforms? Who hasn’t paid their monthly dues for weekly babysitting?). They have also started offering website services to help groups put forward a professional “digital face” on the web.

If  fits the bill for you or your organization, why not support a local company in the process?

Hannah Camacho is an educator, mom to three wonderful children ages 4 and younger and proud wife of an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. She has been a BlogHer featured tech blogger and is very involved in the world of mobile app marketing and PR when she’s not chasing her three busy little ones.

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  1. Love this. And am so using this when soccer season rolls around.

  2. Hey there – we’ve also found to be a great alternative to teamsnap. In fact, for our soccer teams, we’ve found it to be easier to use and cheaper – it’s free! You might want to check that out too!

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