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Wednesday Wellness with Leslie– Tips on stressing less and feeling more joy

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Everyone has very full plates and activities have a way of just piling on. The effects of stress are harmful to your emotional and physical health (high blood pressure, digestive issues, heart disease), and it is your response to stress that makes all the difference. Some people are better equipped to deal with stress, while others simply give in to it. Which category do you feel like you are in?

I have definitely gotten better over the years, due to a lot of personal growth and development, but there is always room for improvement. I know when I am feeling maxed out I need to make some changes quickly. Everyone is going to encounter stress and stressful situations, it is how you react and respond that will differentiate the outcome. Do you have friends that seem to never stress out? They always keep it together and often seem to be calm and collected? They have probably fine-tuned techniques over the years that support them in handling stress more effectively.

Here are some tips to support you in dealing with stress in your life and avoiding emotional or physical ailment.

Organize and make lists
Feeling in control is an important step in stress management. Don’t simply allow life to take over. Start by organizing your time and priorities. Organize what you have coming up, what tasks need to get accomplished, and always look ahead. Make lists so you can break down worries and goals into manageable steps. Feeling organized will make a huge difference in how you combat stress.

Don’t procrastinate
Procrastination feeds your stress. When you are procrastinating on something you don’t want to do, or a huge task you need to accomplish, you lose all feeling of control. This lack of control causes more stress. Make a list of what you need to do and then ask for help if you need it. The act of accomplishing something will create more feelings of confidence and forward movement.

Believe in something
Whether you believe in God or a higher power, this belief creates a sense of purpose. A spiritual perspective enables you to see your problems in a larger context. When you are experiencing stress, this deep rooted belief offers peace that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. You can rely on this belief to get you through the difficult times. It provides a protective shield. This may be a great time to pursue your beliefs a little bit deeper and see where it leads you.

Leslie Gail is a Life Coach for frazzled moms over forty, an author, and mom of two. She hosts a web show on Mom TV, contributes articles to Brooke Burke’s site Modern Mom, and has a passion for helping women create the best version of themselves. You can learn more about Leslie at her website, where there are also many free articles and resources to help you create your best life.

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