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App Spotlight Roundup: 11 Great Apps for Moms and Kids

Do you troll the app store at least once a week looking to add new ones to your collection or are you always looking for great apps that help your kids get excited about learning? I know I certainly do both on a regular basis. Then again, I do admit, I am an app-aholic.

We’ve got a great roundup for your today – especially note the first two on the list – both are produced by local developers! If we don’t share your current favorite, please let me know about your latest finds in the comments below!

Shake-n-Tell  by Your Name in Cows (FREE – iOS Universal) is a wonderful app for parents created by Boulder resident (and former journalist) Rick Polito. Ever come to the end of a long day only to find your kids begging you for a story? I usually run into creativity anemia around 6 pm and cannot think of a good story for the life of me. Busy dad Rick had this dilemma and decided to do something about it! Shake-n-Tell makes creative story telling as easy as shaking your iPhone every time you need a new piece to the plot. Shake-n-Tell is charming and fun and keeps the kids laughing and engaged. A wonderful way to make bed time more fun for the kids!

Healthy Creatures by Fat and Appy ($0.99 – iOS iPad) is a great app by yet another local developer! My kids really struggle with eating veggies and I need all the help I can get! Healthy Creatures lets kids play with their food in a fun, imaginative way that encourages creative play and bonding time with those veggies they struggle to love.  The illustrations are charming and very kid-friendly. I’m all for letting my kids play with their food if it means they’ll eat their greens.

Felt Board by Software Smoothie ($2.99 – iPad) is another great imaginative play app for kids. Children can create characters and scenes for a great time of “pretend” and storytelling. My kids love creating scenes, then saving pictures of their creations. If you’re tired of apps that overstimulate your children, this is a refreshing change of pace that wins kids over easily.


ABC Pop by JAJDO AB ($1.99 – universal app for iOS) is not what you think. This is not another “ABC” app for toddlers. No, it’s a fun matching game that happens to use letters. The graphics are downright mesmerizingly gorgeous and is great for developing quick-thinking, matching skills as well as hand eye coordination. My 4-year-old loves this game and I know kids several years older will love it, too.


Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique by Disney (FREE with in-app purchases – iOS Universal) is a great games for girls who are into fashion! The app allows kids to dress fairies in various outfits, hair and accessories, then have the fairies show off their style! My 4 year old was excited about this one, but couldn’t quite figure out the interface – I think it would be a better fit for girls ages 6+.


Starfall Learn to Read by Starfall Education ($2.99 – universal app for iOS) had me at first touch. I’m incredibly excited about the fact that Starfall has made their amazing phonics curriculum available for iOS. My kids are in love with the phonics songs and it’s great to have a supplement to make reading more fun for them. Yes, it’s a bit more pricey than many apps, but is worth every single penny if you have a kindergartener or a child getting into the basics of reading.

Pixel and Parker by Spinlight Studio ($1.99 – universal app for iOS) is an incredibly charming digibook. Spinlight Studios knows how to make visually stunning apps that kids love (every single one of their apps has been a hit in our house) and Pixel and Parker is no exception. Not only is the story adorable, but there are fun games and interactive elements to play with along the way.


Rounds: Franklin Frog by Nosy Crow ($4.99 – universal app for iOS) is yet another great app from one of the front-runners in the digibook world. Rounds: Franklin Frog is a great way for kids to learn simple biology about frogs. It’s a hit with both boys and girls and is tastefully and playfully packaged. My 3-year-old loves making Franklin jump across the pond…over and over and over.


Motion Math: Hungry Guppy by Motion Math ($2.99 – universal app for iOS) is another home run from this wonderful company! Kids generally avoid math like the plague, but Motion Math: Hungry Guppy gets new mathematicians excited about basic math concepts. Lincoln, our 3-year-old, was understanding basic addition in a matter of minutes after he began to play the game. Parents can adjust the difficultly levels to accommodate the abilities of their child.

Baby Feed Tracker by Inifinite Touch ($1.99 – universal app for iOS) simply takes the stress out of the newborn weeks of parenthood. If you’re a new parent (or will be soon) stressing over feedings and diaper logs, this app is great for keeping track of everything quickly and easily. It even includes alarms to remind you when it’s time for a new feedings!


ABC Zooborns by PeaPod Labs ($2.99 – universal app for iOS) is sure to tickle the curiosity of your animal-loving child. This fun app is a wonderful interactive experience that allows kids to explore what many baby animals look like. Not only are the pictures fun, but there are puzzles and video to keep the entertainment going on and on. It’s simply adorable.


Hannah Camacho is an educator, mom to three wonderful children ages 4 and younger and proud wife of an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. She has been a BlogHer featured tech blogger and is very involved in the world of mobile app marketing and PR when she’s not chasing her three busy little ones.

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  1. Totally bookmarking this page. Awesome!

  2. Great suggestions! thanks- we at Kids’ Yoga Journey are HUGE fans of healthy apps. One great way to share kids’ apps are through Apple TV and at school on the SMART board- if you have any questions, let us know- we’d love to help!

  3. I’m the creator of Shake-n-Tell. I encourage people to go to to learn more about the concept but if you want see a video that sums up how to use the app, watch a bit of this video from the prototype stage-
    Search “Shake-n-Tell” in YouTube to see more videos. The app makes it easy to record and share videos of your stories online.
    Happy storytelling!

  4. Thank you, Hannah, for kindly mentioning Healthy Creatures! It’s awesome to be featured with some great apps, some of which my kids play with all of the time. We appreciate your support for indie app developers.

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