Month: August 2012

Manners…What Emily Post Knew (and You Should Too!)

“Women frequently ask whether they should call an unzipped fly to the wearer’s attention. Unless you are total strangers, do.” Emily Post

Embracing the Chaos of IVF Part 4: Finding Positive Ways to Cope

Our first IVF attempt failed and it was now time to prepare for our second attempt. Before that happened, I had to mentally prepare myself to try again. As a self-proclaimed control freak and non-practicing Catholic, I knew it would not be easy for me to just have faith that things would work out as they should. I needed to be strong enough to handle what was to come – baby or no baby – and I couldn’t do it alone and couldn’t expect my family to manage my stress either. After the miscarriage last spring, I searched for ways to manage the stress in positive ways as I knew infertility treatments would be an emotional rollercoaster for my family and me. I searched for alternative methods instead the typical ones like psychotherapy, prescription medications and lots of alcohol. I felt I would ...

Celebrate Peaches this month with a fabulous recipe, a local hot spot, and candy

August’s star is the Peach — it’s National Peach Month. I’ll admit, I’m a little picky when it comes to these fuzzy fruits, but have found that there are oh so many other ways to eat them, bypassing the direct biting into the fuzz method. Sip Aunt Gassy’s Peach Liquor – Find out all about why we call her Aunt Gassy (no it’s not because of untimely toots), but also get this super easy recipe for her peach liquor that is insanely good, and has so many uses too. You’ll want to prepare in advance, the peaches will need to bathe in Ten High Whiskey for at least 6 months.   Who doesn’t enjoy a good Peach Crumble a’la mode?

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