Month: August 2012

How My Withered Garden Still Inspires Bountiful Preserves (with recipe!)

It’s August and the drought drones on…*heavy sigh*. I’ll admit that the heat beat me up this summer and left me listless on the couch with the swamp cooler on high. The unrelenting heat has so intimidated me that I shied away from gardening this year. I feel guilty.  On top of that, I’m assailed by headlines and news reports declaring a drought induced low supply of fruits, veggies and grains paired with a high demand from the marketplace (that’s me) creating a predicted scenario of high prices and food scarcity in the months to come.  I’m not one to panic over news reports but this news does make me think what a higher grocery bill will do to my monthly budget. It’s a dark thought filled with painful screams from my checking account and an echo in...

I Will Always Love You More Than I’m Mad at You (and Other Parenting Lessons Learned)

I recently had one of those heart-stopping parenting moments that we all dread, but are occasionally inevitable – like suddenly realizing your child is missing in a crowded mall or watching them toddle towards the corner of the coffee table and knowing that you’re too far away and powerless to stop what’s about to happen.  And as we all know, our kids usually learn a lesson in those moments, either through our discipline or the pain they experienced when a mistake is made. And if we’re smart, we parents learn a lesson as well. I do my best not to be a helicopter parent, but there are times when I just can’t help it.  I have to constantly remind myself that when I was around the age my kids are now (10, 8, and 6), I was riding my bike to the pool by myself, getting myself to my piano ...

Back-to-school educational apps help with organization, learning across all ages

The iPad has been around for only two years, but the tablet computer and its many competitors are already starting to change the way both parents and teachers approach education. Though experts remain divided on the benefits of exposing children — particularly very young ones — to tablets, smartphones and even computers, applications that aim to teach children have proliferated. The Apple App Store, for example, has more than 65,000 active education apps available to students, teachers, and parents getting ready for back to school. App metric website 148apps.bizsays educational apps trail only games in total numbers.

Events: Colorado State Fair, Safety Fair & More!

Children’s consignment sale season is upon us for fantastic deals from local mom’s groups on clothing, toys–you name it! Just Between Friends Longmont is August 22-28 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. Then, on August August 24-26, Just Between Friends of Aurora will be at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and finally, Darling Doubles will be August 25 at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Brighton. Check websites pricing for times and pricing. Want to take a quick and fun roadtrip? The Colorado State Fair is August 24-September 3 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo. Expect to see everything from animals, music, a fun carnival with a kiddie area, a rodeo, concerts, free attractions and so much more! Gate fees are $7 Mon-Thurs; $10 Fri-Saturday. Kids ages 5 and under ar...

Denver Deal: Free Days, Ski Rex, H&M, Taste of Colorado, Concerts and more

I don’t know about you, but I really could get lost in the special days that we have – ice cream day, be a friend day..I’d love to have a Gretchen is Awesome day. I think I might even be inclined to combine Gretchen is Awesome day with Hot & Spicy Day (which was Sunday). I’m not even sure what I might do to celebrate Gretchen is Awesome day – but I can tell you that it might include eating TandoorChef Indian yumminess! Oh YES! then I might travel over to TCBY (it’s one of my fave places) to try the flavor of the month (the blueberry pomegranite this month is pretty good – wish they’d bring back the Greek vanilla though). I would take in a family comedy show like Ralph Harris at Comedy Works South (all ages show on August 26th). And on Gre...

Denver Ski Deals Start Labor Day

I can recall my mom telling me that white shoes shouldn’t be worn after Labor Day. (It’s totally ok – because I just won a new pair of Bearpaw boots, YAY!) Labor Day was also usually right around the time that school started for us (kids start their school years way sooner than I recall my own beginning). Labor Day also held other transitional qualities for us as they do now – now Labor Day is the unofficial start to the ski season. I personally couldn’t be happier! I just hope that there is as much snow as there are deals! SKI REX Bargain hunters will enjoy deals on outdoor gear from 30% to 70% off last year’s retail prices at SKI REX at the Colorado Ski & Golf Stores (including Colorado Ski & Sports at Park Meadows and Boulder Ski Deals) starti...

A school year’s worth of time- and money-saving ideas

Grown-ups never forget the annual bummer that is the end of summer vacation. Getting back into the morning waking and dressing routine may be tough on kids. But the expenses associated with back-to-school time translate into a special brand of stress reserved just for parents. The average person with schoolchildren this year will spend more than $680 on back-to-school needs, according to the National Retail Federation. Those costs include about $246 on clothes, $217 on electronics, $129 on shoes, and $95 on school supplies.

Mom Confessional: What I Did (and Mostly Did Not) Learn This Summer

School starts for my daughter today and I can’t help but reflect back upon the last few months. At the advent of every summer, I make grandiose plans. We’ll do a different activity every day! We’ll make lots of new friends! We’ll engage our minds by daily learning in science, reading and math! By summer’s end, the result is usually the same: “Yeah, right.” It’s not that we didn’t learn a lot this summer. I learned: 1) Broken DVD players should be immediately replaced during multi-day road trips to Canada. 2) Husbands should not get two speeding tickets within a half-hour of each other in Wyoming. 2) Every detail of navigating

3 Great Ultrabooks for Back-to-School

Laptops are becoming an almost inescapable educational asset in more school. Note taking has never been easier. If you have a tween or teen who needs a computer, or if you simply need a new one for yourself, these are a few incredibly affordable, highly functional options. Stay connected, informed, entertained and productive on the go! Lenovo U310 (Aqua Blue and Cherry Blossom Pink) The U310 is not only adorable, but incredibly responsive. Boasting an Intel Core™ i7 processor, it can wake up from sleep in just 1 quick second! This makes it perfect for classroom environments since opening and closing the computer between class periods is routine.

Fall 2012 Children’s Consignment Sale Schedule

Twice a year, Mile High Mamas does a round-up detailing Colorado’s popular children’s consignment sales. And for the fifth season in a row, Tracey Gifford saved the day. The proud mother of two elementary-age boys is the owner of the Just Between Friends sale in Denver and offered to compile this year’s schedule for us. As a word of thanks, I’d like to offer a little shout-out to Tracey’s sale September 20-23, which is the largest kids’ gear and clothing resale event in Metro Denver. Thousands of shoppers find bargains on kids’ clothing for newborn-preteen, toys, strollers, furniture, baby equipment, books, shoes, maternity items and more…all at 50-90% below retail. They are proud a partner with Catholic Charities and the Junior League of Denver. For times and location, see below. Mention ...

Public event Saturday to honor Missy Franklin, more Colorado Olympians

Colorado can welcome home the state’s most recent Olympians Saturday beginning at 3:30 p.m. at Centennial’s Center Park. The lineup of stars from the London games will include Missy Franklin, the 17-year-old swimmer from Centennial who won five medals, with four golds, set her second world record and her fifth American record during the Summer Games. Gov. John Hickenlooper, Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon and other public officials will laud the athletes. Centennial Center Park is located at 13050 E. Peakview Ave. There will be lawn seating in the park amphitheater and parking in and around the park, according to organizers.

Mama Drama: Strategies for a Successful New School Transition

Dear Mama Drama: My eight-year-old daughter is starting a new school this year and I need some ideas to help her with this transition. Last school year was difficult as she struggled with feeling unsupported and misunderstood by her teachers and she often refused to go to school. She also had some difficulties with bullying behavior from her peers, particularly on the playground. (photo credit) Understandably, she is anxious about starting a new school year with teachers and peers she doesn’t know. Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated! ~Protective Mama Dear Protective: Your daughter will benefit greatly from you being proactive as well as protective. There are many things you can do together to make this new school transition smooth and positive for her. First, talk with your daughte...