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Giveaway: Win a fantastic new math game your kids will love (ages 8 and up)

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Summer slide–you’re mine!

This is just my brazen way of setting the goal to be dedicated to playing and learning this summer.

Though my 5-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter enjoy reading daily, one area where it will be easy to slip is math (particularly for my daughter). On the last day of school I purchased math charts for multiplication, fractions and addition for hang in the pantry. It has worked well for my numbers-obsessed kindergartener but they make my daughter’s eyes glaze over from boredom (the one who really needs the help).

And that is why I’m really excited to introduce you to the game Who’s Counting™, which just won a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award and Tilliwigs Toys Brain Child Award. The greatest thing about it? It’s for kids ages 8 and up who like playing games but don’t necessarily like practicing their math facts (remember my daughter?)

What is it: Who’s Counting if a fun strategy game where players must use the cards they are dealt to add, subtract, multiply, and divide each others’ points before the number-loving Whozits are wiped out by the dreaded Green Goo. The objective is to score the most points by creating equations using the four math operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

“This is a math and numbers card game,” says Teresa DiFalco of the 2012 Parents’ Choice Awards. “It’s a quick game to learn, and the more it’s played the more strategy factors in. Players with stronger math skills would seem to have an advantage, but the Special cards level the playing field. It’s a fun game for all skill levels.”

Created by a teacher, “Who’s Counting” is a great alternative to worksheets and flashcards while reinforcing math skills. Two to 6 players can play at a time. The prices is $24.99 at Amazon.


Mile High Mamas is giving away “Who’s Counting!” Go here to enter. Contest deadline is June 22, 2012.

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