Month: June 2012

5 Must-Have Music and Ambiance Apps to Beat the Summer Heat

We all have our own ways of beating the heat. Popsicles, dips in the pool, air conditioning on full blast, ice baths, etc. A fun way to add to the "cooling off" sessions is to add some music or audio entertainment to the mix - anything to distract our brains from dwelling on the sweaty misery! Why not put your smartphone to good use and add these great musical apps to your collection this summer.

Why “seeking professional help” is worth it: My therapeutic journey

Everyone has a different perspective and attitude toward “seeking professional help.” I can only speak from my experience and although many different types of therapy exist, I will only be able to share with you the “type” that works for me. The first thing that I feel is important to know is that you don’t need to suffer from mental illness in order to see a therapist. I do not have a family history of mental illness, I am not on any prescriptions for mental illness and I don’t even have any symptoms severe enough to constitute mental illness. Sure, there have been times in my life that I may have found myself in a depression-like state but I never want to confuse that with true depression. If you or someone you know suffers from mental illness then you...

Colorado Independence Day celebrations: A Fourth of July concerts and fireworks event list

While some communities are taking a year off from fireworks — given the current statewide fire ban — others are moving forward with pyrotechnics in addition to their parades, live music and kids activities. Here are some highlights for the next week, focusing on the big day, the Fourth of July. (NOTE: Check websites before heading out as some fireworks shows may still be canceled.)

How to Talk to Kids about Wildfires

As news of Colorado’s wildfires dominates the media, I remember a decade ago when our family had been on “pre-evacuation notice” for two days. When the county sheriff came to our door and said, “This area is being evacuated. You have a half-hour to get your things,” we knew what to do. But when our 4-year-old Niko asked, “Is our house gonna burn down?” I wasn’t so sure. Fortunately, my response, “We’re moving away from the fire to be safe and firefighters will do everything possible to protect our home,” smoothed his furrowed brow. According to the

Colorado wildfires: Ready an evacuation kit – even if you’re not in a danger area

When the call or text-message order to evacuate arrives, most people remember to bring their wallet or purse along with a suitcase and a handful of valuables. But what about the rest of the paperwork that governs their lives? The policy number and phone number for homeowner’s (or renter’s) insurance policy? The policy number and phone number for the mortgage company? Car insurance information? “It’s a completely good idea to

How to assist Colorado wildfire victims, how to donate and help

This two-part list is to assist the victims and evacuees of the Colorado wildfires and to direct people who wish to make donations of any kind. How to donate or help communities dealing with wildfires • El Paso County Sheriff’s office: Large animal shelter at Norris-Penrose Equestrian Center needs volunteers: 719-520-7773. • The Red Cross in Colorado Springs is at 719-632-3563. Those wanting to donate money to the Red Cross can go here. • Help Colorado Now, a partnership of Colorado Division of Emergency Management

Events: Incredible Dog Challenge, Highest Show on Earth

Through Saturday. Canine athletes from across the nation converge on Denver for the Western regionals of the Purina ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge at City Park. The fun starts today, when local dogs can sign up to qualify for events and competitors practice for the next day’s games. Saturday is devoted to the actual contest: High-performance pups will show their stuff in events like freestyle flying disc, agility, dock diving and, for the little-dog lovers in the house, Jack Russell hurdle racing. Spectators are welcome. 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. today; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. City Park, 1700 N. York St. Admission is free. Wednesday. Catch some high-flying history as two pilots attempt to set two world records at Dillon Reservoir and Breckenridge. Gary Rower, piloting a Boe...

Nine of the best pools in and around Denver

It’s that time again, Colorado. Dig to the bottom of the drawer, pull out your favorite piece of Lycra, and pray that your birthday suit still fits into your bathing suit. We’ve rounded up a sampling of some of the best outdoor pools in the metro area for your enjoyment. So go ahead. Grab your suit and towel, a book and the kids, and dive in. (Prices are subject to change). 1. Sunset Pool, Longmont 1900 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont, 303-776-5823;

10 Reasons C-Sections are Awesomely Awkward

Updated: November 2021 Recently, our 10-year-old son had appendicitis and needed surgery. He spent two nights in the hospital. Our 5-year-old daughter wistfully noted how lucky he was to get to be in the hospital and have surgery. Why was he lucky? Because, she explained, now he knew what it is like to be a mama having a baby in the hospital. This made everyone laugh, especially my 10-year-old son. My three youngest children were born via c-section and our new baby will be, too. My five oldest kids were born the old-fashioned way. I grew them in pickle jars in a pantry in the basement. When they were sufficiently steeped we opened the lids, just as our mothers and their mothers did before us. If you think about c-sections from a child’s perspective, they seem unduly harsh and scary. ...

Denver Deal: Concerts, Arby’s tour, Pirates Cove, Regal Cinema and IKEA

I would be remiss to totally ignore all the fires that are happening in and around our state. While I always love a deal – I love companies that support our community! IKEA is donating products from pillows and blankets to flashlights and potato chips totaling nearly $20,000. In addition to items donated to Larimer County’s Donation and Collection Distribution Center, the store is offering High Park Fire victims a one-time 20 percent discount for a new IKEA kitchen and 30 percent off items for the rest of the home, up to $10,000. What an amazing gift to the community this is. I know (from personal experience) how difficult it can be to rebuild your life after fires. Free Summer Concerts Several cities throughout the metro area will have a host of free concerts – all summer long...

Tips (and recipes) for getting your kids cooking this summer!

As a mom, who doesn’t like a little more help around the kitchen? When my little girl turned 18-months-old, I quickly learned she wanted to help with everything, including cooking. Her little body would exert all the effort she had to push a stool from the corner of the kitchen right up to the counter next to me where she would eagerly ask for a boost up. Ever since, she’s become my favorite sidekick in the kitchen. I quickly discovered that cooking satisfied not only her eagerness to help, but also her natural curiosity. In return, I’ve come to cherish both the quality time and the learning opportunity that it provides. Each vegetable and fruit piled next to my cutting board becomes a lesson in color, texture, and flavor: taste this orange carrot; feel the bumpy yellow l...

Want to hike, bike or get dirty for a great cause? Don’t miss these events from the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Summer has arrived and it’s time to plan family outings or that special girlfriends get away. The Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society has a variety of fun events to fill the bill – with the added benefit of supporting programs and research that benefit 88,000 people affected by MS in Colorado and Wyoming. Important to know – nearly 75 percent of all people diagnosed are women. Enjoy cycling? Consider the Chapter’s Fort Collins Loop ride. Held on Saturday, June 30, this ride features 25- or 40-mile course options that wind through expansive open space and farmland near Fort Collins. The Fort Collins Loop is held in conjunction with the Chapter’s signature two-day, 150-mile Newmont Bike MS, presented by Great-West Life ride. Loop riders are in...

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