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Denver’s Cheeky Aprons launches line of functional kitchen lingerie

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Ladies, you might think your significant other is lucky to get a home-cooked meal every once in a while, but in Ashlee Coln’s world, cooking is a much spicier affair.

And it’s all because things got dangerously hot in her kitchen. “I’ve always loved to cook, but one night after a few cocktails, I realized cooking in sassy lingerie could ruin the garment and cooking in the nude usually leads to injury,” she said.

Coln, 25, said nearly getting burned (while preparing sautéed mushrooms in port cream sauce for her boyfriend) put her on a mission to find a sexy but serviceable apron for her steamy cooking sessions. “I assumed it was something that already existed,” said Coln, who studied hospitality at Metropolitan State College before starting an event planning business three years ago. Finding no such aprons in stores or online, she decided to create her own.

With the help of a girlfriend who sews, Coln whipped up some prototypes and Cheeky Aprons was born. She launched her website ( and plans to start hosting trunk shows in retail stores this week.

The Cheeky ruffled $60 “baking skirt” in a black and white vine cotton print is backed in linen. The design is complete with ties and a built-in garter belt. The basic full apron, $90, features a plunging neckline, lace in the midsection and comes in a zebra print or polka dots. Coln promises future launches that will be in high-end fabrics and feature lace and other fine trims.

Coln insists her Cheeky Aprons are sophisticated and not a Frederick’s of Hollywood-style costume. “We are stressing quality and design,” she said. “It’s a beautiful apron that doubles as lingerie,” she says.

Her website features some of her favorite recipes (chocolate lava cake) as well as apron descriptions and photos of models in the garments.

She thinks that her products are more likely to be a gift than an item a woman buys for herself. “I think it will be wonderful for bridal showers or a Valentine’s gift. It’s a little different; classy, but fun.”

Coln acknowledges that “some women will feel this is a throw-back idea to the ‘Apron Era,’ where a woman’s only place was in the home and kitchen.” But she says, “I support whatever makes a woman feel wonderful in her own skin. The aprons make me feel feminine and sophisticated with a little bit of sass.”

Aside from the desire to add “sass” to the menu, isn’t it just impractical to cook when you’re nearly naked? Perhaps, but that’s not the point, Coln says.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people — friends, brides, grooms and a lot of gentlemen,” Coln says. “They say that cooking was sexually intriguing for them, but that in general, aprons aren’t the most attractive pieces of fabric. So when you mix lingerie with an apron, the gentlemen get the eye candy and it intrigues them at the same time. It’s a beautiful balance between the utility of an apron and the sex appeal and mystery of lingerie.”

Coln says her boyfriend is excited about the venture — and not just because of the eye candy. He likes that “I’m so driven,” she says.

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  • comment avatar Mary April 15, 2012

    Since so many guys are getting into cooking as well, will she also be coming up with a men’s line as well (perhaps like Chippendales costumes)? If not, I smell a rat ….. especially based on the prices quoted.

  • comment avatar Jessica April 16, 2012

    I think they’re cute!

  • comment avatar Kayla April 16, 2012

    Debating if I should buy one before getting my husbands consent:)

  • comment avatar Melissa April 16, 2012

    Ooohhhh… Love it!!

  • comment avatar Melissa April 16, 2012

    ‎@Kayla – do it!! 🙂

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