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Pretty Easter Hairstyles for Girls

Frilly dresses, bountiful bows, shiny shoes, sparkling polish, dainty baskets brimming with treats…and, of course, lovely hair for this spectacular holiday celebration!

Easter – it’s the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus, the foundation of the Christian faith and one of the most celebrated holidays in my family of origin – along with Christmas – but due to the variable road conditions in wintertime, this spring celebration is more conducive to travel and thus, large family gatherings. Commence egg hunting, sunrise services, massive feasts, chocolate bunnies…and fancy schmancy duds as “strongly suggested” by the ruling matriarch, ha.

As a child, it was one of the most dreadful aspects of this otherwise fabulous holiday…the EaStER DrESs.
Yes, it’s of no surprise to me that my daughter has found her place along that very path…much to my dismay – particularly after my efforts in “Making a Pillowcase Dress for Easter” (my creative attempt at getting her into something lovely for the celebration #failedmission). Luckily for her, I completely understand the frustration of trying to make your way to the top of a perfect climbing tree – in a dress and tights, ugh.

So, this year, rather than concern myself with the wild outfit my sweet little girl will undoubtedly choose (adventures in self expression)…I am focusing on a lovely hair do, which, when coupled with a dreadfully frightening story (and I’m getting pretty good at telling these #rabidbeasts and #dashinglyheroicteenagers,) can be somewhat of a success.

These are a couple of my favorite picks with a little how-to instruction (scary story not included).

This was a Christmas style (thus the footsies)…I separated four sections of hair, including bangs, on the top and secured each with a small hair band – flipping the small ponytail under to lay flat.

Add a French braid beginning on one side and wrapping around to create a side ponytail. Add a festive bow (very discretely at our house, wink).

This style is similar to the above but using the below technique to create easy curls. I started the French braid on the opposite side, ending in the back and wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail holder for a fun, natural look.

For simple curls that can be created the night before, twist damp piggy tails up into small buns, secure with bobby pins and let set overnight.

When the hair has dried the next morning, release the buns and a curly masterpiece is created – quick, simple, easy. The real challenge is getting the child to hold still for a photo!

This one isn’t my work, but I can imagine that my daughter would love it…I’m just not sure I’m going to show her, ha. We made the mistake of Googling styles for the 4th of July and ended up with glow sticks intertwined into messy-bun pigtails, yikes!

What creative hairstyles do your children prefer for the holidays?

Author: Jaime

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  1. So cute! I’ll have to step it up this Easter.

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