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Healthy Holiday Traditions and Why Pink is the New Green

Of the things you’ll likely set your mind to this year, I would guess that your family’s health will likely be one…the sustainability of your children’s future on this planet Earth another. Which is exactly why I am going to attempt to convince you that you should establish a new holiday tradition centered on fitness – starting now – complete with fun festivities in non-trad. colors!

GREEN. It’s one of my very favorites and I use it everywhere I can – clothing, linens, toiletries, house paint, handbags…yes, quite liberally, with really just one exception: my thumbs. So, come March 17, I’m generally safeguarded from the random, traditional pinch. However, this year, I’m risking it all, putting a little spin on things and going out on a limb (or three owls on a tree branch – to be exact) for my GREEN InITiaTIvE…oh, in a lovely shade of PINK!

Sounds a little crazy, I know!

In the spirit of fun-loving competition and with a passion for the majestic Colorado outdoors, I have decided that the end-all celebration for this – and most – holidays includes a festive 5K. In this case: St. Patty’s Day 5K #pursuitofgreenconcoctions. Now, I pitch this to you having already convinced several of my family and friends of my wild notion to wake up early, load children *and joggers* into a vehicle, stand in line – another line, porta potty, double knot, sippy cup, jacket, no jacket, tears, cookie, hitting, screaming, more tears…well, you know – you’re parents. This is fun stuff, trust me!
GREEN flag ~ let the fun begin!

With this new family tradition, you’ll not only have the perfect opportunity to instill healthy habits and set a great example for your children, *all while bonding during holidays,* you’ll benefit in a lot of other ways too! These are just a few of my favs:

Giving a little GREEN for a good cause

Getting a GREEN 5K T, legit proof of your athleticism, wink

Sporting Shamrock cheek tattoos (your kids will like this too!)…GREEN ones

Benefiting from endorphin boosts plus views of a gorgeous, GREEN backdrop

Diggn’ the free samples, snacks, games and a little GREEN bubbly after the race


Reduce < Recycle < Rethink
It’s how I’m goin’ GREEN this year. I thought I’d mix up the fun and add a little statement to my festive wear. How better to join in the celebration than to commit to a cause? Oh, and since I already own the pink T, I won’t be consuming yet another shirt, thus a first step in the right direction toward conservation. Wow, am I getting good at this or what!?

So, this year, I encourage you, with your family, to seize the rub of the GREEN and embark upon a new family tradition of approximately 3.1 miles in length, make a unique statement, choose your own color and RUN…with all you’ve got for the very best cause of all…[enter your cause here]…and relish in every moment spent and memory made with the ones you love!

For continued colorful thoughts on this holiday, check out my thoughts from last year…  “Blue Holiday Traditions Turn Green” #colorfulobsessioncontinues


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Author: Jaime

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