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Olympic Skier Picabo Street On the Product That Will Revolutionize Learning to Ski

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Last weekend I was invited to the SIA(Ski Industry Association) show at the Denver Convention Center. I am always a little giddy over the idea of getting to see great new products and telling you about them – but this time, I was invited to speak with Picabo Street! Yes, the iconic, amazing three-time Olympic Skier that even Lindsey Vonn looks up to.

What I was excited to learn is that like us, she is a mom. She has four–count them–F-O-U-R boys! The lady is busy! But, she took the time to talk to me about a couple really cool new products from LaunchPad, called Hookease and Wedgease.

I asked her about the product she’s endorsing, Hookease. She said, “I want to literally scream if from the top of the building, put it on YouTube. This product is so revolutionary. It is a simple concept that allows a skier to learn the fundamentals and good mechanics of skiing without being against their parent’s body stabilizing them (which Street claims is “just idiotic”).

The plastic part connects to the back of the ski (it is simple and easy to use – even with your gloves on) and the rigid connection allows you to control whoever you are teaching to ski the correct way to turn so you are “not just sliding down the slope.”  Street said, “it’s like a magic wand” when you want them to turn you just flip your wrist. “Hookease does not age discriminate,” Street emphasized. It can be used to teach kids or adults. So ladies, go ahead and teach your boyfriend how to ski!

When kids first learn to ski they learn to “pizza” and “french-fry” – these are just terms that kids can identify with in terms of what their skis are doing. When their skis are parallel to one another, they are “french-fry” and when they make a wedge it is “pizza.” Simple enough. Now there is a new product that will help the kids learn how to pizza a little easier and not cross the tips that is Wedgease. Wedgease is the perfect product to teach beginners because of it’s hard elastic band and easy clamp system.

I asked her if she thought with this kind of start, her kids would be able to “ski circles around her.” (As if that is even possible!) She laughed a little…and told me about how competitive (and non-competitive) some of her kids are. But she did tell me that she will be getting her 15-month-old out on the slopes. With Street as your mom and Hookease as your start….anyone want to take bets on another Olympic Skier in the family?

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  • comment avatar Amber's Crazy Bloggin' Canuck January 31, 2012

    This post is so timely for me. My son is learning to ski and it’s a frustrating (and painful) process to be crouched over the entire time. I’m eager to check it out!

  • comment avatar Marie Rotter January 31, 2012

    Sounds promising! However, I’m skeptical about the wedgease. The edgie wedgie has been around for 20+ years ( I used to use it when I started as a ski instructor 20 years ago. It does help them wedge, but they still cross their tips. Also, since it does all the work for them by pulling their tips together, they never learn how to use the proper muscles to wedge. Most instructors won’t use them anymore. I like the idea of the Hookease because they still have to wedge but I wonder if it will have to same issue of overcompensation. Imagine you have to bench press 100 pounds but someone is holding your arms up for you. Do you think you could still bench press when they leave? I’m willing to check it out. I’ll let you know how it works.

    • comment avatar Breklyn Froerer January 31, 2012

      We have the hookease and wedgease and have used them a few times already with our kids. There’s no way we could go back to the old way of teaching our kids to ski now. Dad isn’t as exhausted so the kids get lots more ski time and really enjoy it. The nice thing about the hookease and wedgease is that it helps teach the right form and helps the kids feel what the skis are supposed to do. You can even let go of the poles occasionally to see how they’re doing on their own. Definitely the best way to teach your kids to ski!

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