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How to Make a Winter Wonderland Playhouse Out of Newspaper

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Recently, we made our first geodesic dome playhouse out of newspaper, and we loved it so much, I decided to make a “winter wonderland” playhouse for my little one! This is a fun and frugal craft project that is great for toddlers and pre-schoolers. You will definitely want to create one of your own!

You will need newspaper, a stapler, tape, and a dowel rod.
1. Crossbars: You will want to have around 4 Sunday papers handy and use 4-5 sheets of newspaper per crossbar for strength! You’ll make 25 of these crossbars from newspaper and tape.
To make a crossbar, open a newspaper and lay out 4-5 full sheets stacked. Starting at a corner, lay down your dowel rod and roll the newspaper diagonally around the dowel rod, then remove the dowel rod and tape the crossbar securely. Make sure the lengths are all around the same size. I clipped a couple of inches on each end to make the structure more sturdy.

2. Triangles: You are then going to use 15 of the crossbars to make 5 triangles by stapling the ends together, and then add connecting crossbars across the top. Stand the triangle row up on its side and staple the ends together so that you have a standing pentagon.
3. Star: Form a star with the remaining 5 crossbars. You’ll staple the ends of the stars to the joints of the pentagon at the top of the structure for reinforcement. 

I used clear packing tape to reinforce all of the joints and cover all of the staples!
Preschoolers and older children will love to decorate their playhouse with your help!

To make these yarn pom-poms, just wrap yarn around your fingers approximately 50 times. Spread your four fingers for best results. Use a longer piece of yarn to tie around the middle. Cut through all of the loops with a pair of scissors, and then trim as needed! I hung several pom-poms from the bars for a wintery decoration.
I then used some blue tulle to tie along the bars at the top, which I gathered in the middle to resemble a canopy.
Last but not least, I added some balls and balloons for added effect and entertainment for my little one! You can get very creative with this project. By draping a sheet over the top, you have an instant tent, which will provide hours of fun!

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