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“Will to Win:” Excerpts from The Denver Post’s chronicle of Tim Tebow

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he Broncos just completed one of the most remarkable seasons in franchise history, rallying from a 1-4 start to win the AFC West and then upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in a memorable first-round playoff game. Mike Klis, Broncos beat reporter for The Denver Post, chronicled the inspirational story of Tim Tebow and the Broncos’ return to the playoffs in a soon to be released book, “Will To Win.”

Included here are excerpts from Chapter 3 of “Will to Win” focusing on Tebow’s youth, and lessons he learned long ago that help shaped the player he is today.

To order “Will To Win: How Tim Tebow and The Denver Broncos made 2011 A Season to Remember” go to The e-book is $4.99 and will be available early this week. The print book sells for $19.99 and will be shipped out later this week.


When Tim Tebow was 11 years old, going on 12, he was doing 400 push-ups and 400 sit-ups a day.

Every day.

Why was an underdeveloped 11-year-old doing 400 push-ups and 400 sit-ups a day?

Because his father would not allow Tim to lift weights. Not until he reached puberty. Bob Tebow used to preach the workout habits of Herschel Walker to his youngest son. When Walker was considered the best college running back in the nation at Georgia, his workout routine became legendary, both for its volume and simplicity.

Walker never lifted weights. At age 12, though, he was doing 300 push-ups and 300 sit-ups a day. Think it’s coincidence that Tim Tebow settled on 400 and 400 for his daily routine?

“But I would get so sore,” Tebow said. “Finally, I went to my dad and told him how sore I was getting. He asked me, ‘How often are you doing them?”

” I told him, “Every day.” He said, “Every day? You’re not supposed to do them every day.” I got smarter about it. I finally learned you actually get more out of it if you don’t do them every day and let your muscles recover.”

By the time Tim was 14, his father gave in. Tim’s older brothers, Robby and Peter, were lifting weights, and Tim figured he needed to get stronger to keep up.

At age 14 and weighing about 175 pounds in the summer between eighth grade and his freshman year of high school, the home-schooled Tebow did 315 curl reps of a 55-pound bar. It’s not an exaggeration to say the lactic acid buildup would not allow him to straighten his arms for three days.

Why did Tebow do 55-pound curls 315 times in one set? Because it was a summer-camp contest. He was the next-to-last contestant. When it was his turn, the rep number to beat was 55. Tebow didn’t stop at 56 because the guy behind him, the last guy in line, was big. Really big. So Tebow wanted to do all he could to post a number difficult to approach. The big guy didn’t come close.


Bob Tebow, a Baptist pastor in Florida, and his wife Pam felt the call to be missionaries in the Philippines because of their affection for the large population of orphan children in the island nation. The family – which included daughters Christy and Katie and sons Robby and Peter – moved there in 1985.

The Tebows lived in Manila until Tim was 3, when they moved back to Jacksonville, Fla. When Tim was 5, Bob Tebow got the bright idea of moving the family to a farm.

“It was such a blessing,” Tebow said. “We got it at a government auction. It was a great place to have five kids grow up and CLICK HERE TO READ ON

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  • comment avatar Rachel G January 22, 2012

    Darn, that was a really interesting excerpt and now I’m going to have to buy the book…

  • comment avatar FarSide January 22, 2012

    the Broncos won one playoff game. this deserves a book ? If you want the book about Tebow, just say it like it is: a short biography of Tebow. But I wouldn’t call this a miracle season by any stretch.

  • comment avatar WGO January 22, 2012

    Yeah, you were one of the two people on the planet that predicted the Broncos would win the division and a playoff game against the #1 defense in the league after starting 1-4, right? Nothing miraculous about that right? Last’s year’s 4-12, 2nd worst team in the NFL finish was just a fluke right?, This year’s performance was a no brainer for those who saw it coming, right? LOL!

  • comment avatar ArthurG January 22, 2012

    My only hope is that the book is more than a regurgitation of Tim’s book through my eyes. I have read that book, hope that this one (I have pre-purchased both a hard and digital copy) in more insight about this season and the team and Tim’s experience through the season.

  • comment avatar Don E January 22, 2012

    It’s going top be very interesting to see this story play out over the years to come.

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