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Our First Temper Tantrum

Oh, the ever-changing world of toddlerhood.

One minute, you think you’ve finally grasped the complexities, and the next minute, everything changes.

Yesterday was not a fun day. We were at the park on a playdate with our friends, and suddenly, I started feeling really sick to my stomach. I mumbled a few words and headed to the car, calmly talking to my toddler to avoid a meltdown.

In the car ride home, I nearly cried. I thought I was going to be sick, and my husband was out of town. My little one had just recovered from a virus herself.

At this point, she is crying, and I’m trying to pacify her while feeling overcome with pain in my stomach. None of her toys or books seem to satisfy her. Suddenly, she just starts crying really hard and just gets stiff and starts flailing her legs. Is this really happening? I’m asking her what’s wrong and where it hurts, and she just looks at me between deep sobs. Don’t panic. I’m just thinking that she might have a genetic predisposition to seizure disorder. Is that what’s happening? The doctor said she just had a virus.

Then, she stopped. Then she started again. And it hit me. She is having a temper tantrum. She was disappointed we left the park. She was getting whiny and stubborn and having a difficult time communicating. She was tired. She was frustrated. She was uncomfortable and bored and confused and upset. Wow, this is extremely unpleasant.

Flash-forward to today. As I am starting to feel better and as I was reflecting back on the nightmare yesterday–being alone in a new place with a frustrated toddler while I was very sick–I realized one thing about the days ahead–Must. Stay. Busy. We really must keep things fresh for her and for me as much as possible. Since we’d been home sick with her all week, she was disappointed that we had to come back home so abruptly from our fun playdate. Being cooped up all week really is no fun for either of us. We are both in better spirits if we are engaged in fun activities.

Time to sign up for new mommy-and-me classes, stat.

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  1. I don’t remember my daughter’s first official temper tantrum because she was a pretty tough baby who was frequently throwing fits. That said, we had only a few major public meltdowns (as in the drop-down, drag-out kind). The key? Never giving in. She learned very quickly that acting like that in public was not going to get her anywhere.

    Conversely, I had a good friend whose kids would act up every time they wanted something at the store. And to keep them quiet, she’d always give in. But that created a really bad cycle until one day she realized she’d have to stand up to them and if necessary, leave the story while they cried it out.

    And you know what? They got better after she took a stand! For sure, it’s a tough situation but looking back on it now, I see humor in my little drama queen. 🙂

  2. Great post!!!! I thought I was the only Mom that doubled over from stomach flu at the WORST POSSIBLE time. I’ve had it a lot lately because of that little thing called KID-GERMS. I love your thought of being busy too! My hubbs was just telling me to try keeping the kiddos busier and maybe the tantrums and craziness will mellow out. I absolutely agree! Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for sharing your experience! Makes other Moms feel human when they read stuff like this 🙂

  3. My little man had his first tantrum a few weeks ago. He didn’t want the banana I gave him, but wanted a banana. He sat himself down on the carpet and threw his head back like he was possessed, scream-crying. Being the good mommy that I am, I took a video of it instead of trying to calm him down. It only lasted about a minute and he was fine afterward.

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