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Win Tickets To The Ice Castles in Silverthorne!

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I know! I had no idea they were there either. It’s almost like they sprouted out of nothing.

Well, they kind of did. Brent Christensen started building these magical ice castles three years ago, and brought to life something that was previously backyard fun with his children. Now, he has created 25 foot sires pretty much right next to our outlet mall up the hill. Only a little drive outside of Denver. Crazy!


My family was invited to visit the Ice Castles in Silverthorne right before New Year’s, on a day of 50-degree weather. So, while I was able to take off my coat photographing the place, the crew was worried about melt. Because it is all man-made, icicle by icicle. They grow sticks of ice for building material, add more and more to the structures every day, spray with water at night, and let nature take its course. Which, in my mind, make the Ice Castles a bit of nature-made as well. Case in point, all that warm weather while we were there changed the shape of the castles even in that one day, and as Brent and his staff rebuilt, temperature and snowfall will dramatically change the shape and texture of the icicles every week, for the rest of the winter.

Icicle Farm

IceCastles_19 IceCastles_24
Ice Castle Building

I had some really really really good light that day, even if the heat was bad for the Ice Castles.

The other part of the experience is… NIGHT.

Low heat lights are wired into most of the structures, which put on an amazing display when the sun goes down. I put on my snow pants and just sat there with my camera. What else could I do?


Personally, I feel like night is the most magical at the Ice Castles. And what a perfect thing for apre ski? The place itself is not huge, you spend your time walking around and marveling at the crevices. We stayed at Keystone Resort, which was only 10 minutes away – so I can totally see coming off the slopes and heading there afterwards to catch the light show.


And you can go too!


Mile High Mamas is thrilled to give away FOUR family four-packs of tickets to the Ice Castles in Silverthorne. Please go here to enter. Contest deadline is January 26, 2012.

The ice castles are located on the lawn at the Town Pavilion, in Silverthorne, Colorado on the east side of the Blue River Parkway. They are less than 1/4 of a mile from the I-70 Freeway.

Monday – Thursday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Friday – 11:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday – Closed
Hours are subject to change based on demand and weather, watch their website for updates.

Tickets are sold on-site, and the prices for entrance are as follows:
Adult one time pass – $10.00
Child one time pass (12 & under) – $7.50
Child under 3 years – Free
Adult Season Pass – $30.00, unlimited use
Family Season Pass- $50.00 + $10 for each dependent child, unlimited use.

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