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Denver Deal: Sam’s Club Screenings, Kaiser Weigh and Win, McDonalds, Winter Trails Day

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Happy New Year to you. With the new  year come resolutions for many and changes they hope to institute over the coming months. Most typically there are resolutions about health and fitness as well as financial. Hopefully we can help you with both!

Sam’s Club Health Screening

I often purchase my Sam’s Club membership for the milk that is just under $2 per gallon, or the weekend days I can get “lunch” with all the great samples.  But Sam’s continues to add great extras to their membership including free monthly health screenings. The first one of 2012 is on January 14 from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. where you can get your Cholesterol, Glucose, Blood Pressure and BMI tested. Knowing where you currently are will help you create realistic goals.

Kaiser Permanente Weigh and Win

All Coloradans (18 and older) can participate in the Kaiser Permanente Weigh and Win (need not be insured by Kaiser).  Permanente incentivizes weight-loss resolutions – when you lose weight and maintain the weight loss with may be rewarded with cash rewards for success. Enroll online, visit a Weigh and Win HEALTHspot Kiosk for an initial weigh-in, benefit from online coaching and progress tracking, and receive regular emails with tips and information for proper nutrition and exercise. The program requires a quarterly return visit a kiosk for followup weigh-ins. Incentives range from $15 to $150 based on the amount of weight lost.


This Thursday, January 5th,  McDonalds will help you start the new year off right. When you buy a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with cheese you can get a second one for just one cent!

Winter Trails Day

On Saturday, January 7, participating Nordic ski resorts and centers of the Colorado Cross Country Ski Association are celebrating Winter Trails Day, a national initiative offering kids and adults the chance to try cross country skiing and snowshoeing for FREE.

Ski Deals

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. There are many deals listed on our Ski Deals page.

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