Month: December 2011

Colorado Family January Ski Deals

I understand that January is one of the best months for snow and skiing in Colorado. January is also Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.Many of the resorts let kids under 5 ski for free (check with each resort individually) – but maybe they have not yet learned HOW to ski (or snowboard).  So where are the best places to learn the sport, to have a fun and easy get-away and spend some quality time with the kids? Read on! 5th Grade Passport If you have signed your fifth-grader up for the Passport program (there’s still time – the deadline is January 31) or the School of Shred. The kids are entitled to a free lesson in January (which also includes rental equipment). Just make sure that you make reservations (and it’s easier to get the paperwork done before you go). Echo M...

8 Amazing Fitness Apps for New Year’s Resolutions

Like many other women, I could eat all the calories I wanted and not gain a single pound…until I was pregnant with our first child. Suddenly my metabolism slowed down and it seemed pounds were flocking to my midsection like never before. Naturally, I’ve had to turn to cardio workouts and calorie counting to help stave off the unwanted poundage. Being a lover of all things apps, naturally I’m always looking for ones to aid this process. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites:

Mama Drama: December Birthday Blues

Dear Mama Drama: My three-year-old daughter has a December birthday and we are inundated with toys and “stuff” from our very generous family. We appreciate their gifts, but are all a bit overwhelmed by the amount of new toys. My daughter tends to leave them strewn about the house bouncing from one activity to the next, then struggles to clean them up usually ending in a meltdown. We need ideas to help find some balance with it all. (photo credit) ~Appreciative, But Overwhelmed Mama

When kids save the drama for their mama

There are two types of kids. Kids who behave better for other people than for their parents and kids that are better behaved for their parent than other adults. My boys are better for other people. At school they are respectful and hard-working. I’ve been know to act incredulous whenever someone compliments me on my well-mannered sons. Pleased, but surprised, nonetheless. At home, they are loud, messy, and

What is Truly Important – Cherishing Those in Your Life

We have closed the book on Christmas 2011 and as we look forward to ringing in 2012 this weekend, I am reflecting on those in my life and those who have shared it. As I get older and watch my children grow up, I continue to gain insight and wisdom into what is truly important…it is what our elders have told us all along. It’s family and friends and those who love you and you love. My children and I watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on Christmas Day. I always understood the message, even when I was a child, that Christmas isn’t something that comes from a store or comes wrapped in packages, boxes or bags.

Denver Deal: Celebrate New Year!

There used to be a jingle from a TV commercial that my sister and I sang. It went something like “everything you wanted, you didn’t get for Christmas – is on sale now at SEARS.”  While, I can’t honestly say I am a big Sears shopper. I do love the deals that you can get just after Christmas – plus, there is no guilt when I get to purchase something for myself. I don’t hear this tiny little voice saying, “you should be buying something for the kids.” They are all hopped up on sugar, and they will be occupied with their new toys for at least a week or so (I hope). It seems like every store in the mall (and otherwise) have fantastic sales. While, typically the Christmas stuff is well picked over by the next day, we went to Target near us to...

Event round-up: Noon Year’s Eve, Extreme Rodeo & More!

Saturday. 2012 arrives with a bang at downtown Denver’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display. Snag a spot on the 16th Street Mall for the best view of this year’s display—10 DJs will be set up along the Mall to spin tunes before the countdown begins. When the fireworks are ready to launch, they’ll sync up their sets to accompany the sparkling show overhead. Families with youngsters can come for an early show at 9 p.m.; revelers waiting for the official turn of the calendar will get their own show at the stroke of midnight. 9 p.m. Saturday and midnight Sunday. Downtown Denver. Free. Saturday. It’s become a tradition all its own: Noon Year’s Eve takes over the Children’s Museum of Denver, ringing in 2012 with kid-friendly festivities. The new year arrives early with Tim...

Colorado receives $17.9 million Race to the Top education grant

After three failed attempts, Colorado has finally landed a Race to the Top grant. “We’re extremely happy,” said state Education Commissioner Robert Hammond. “Obviously there’s been a lot of hard work and disappointment in the past. Even though this is a reduced amount, we believe it will be extremely helpful.” Colorado was one of seven states that won money for this round of Race to the Top. The fund was set aside for finalists that didn’t receive money in the second round. Nine states were eligible for a share of $200 million provided by Congress. Colorado received $17.9 million.

The year I was given the gift of death for the holidays

We had a fabulous holiday yesterday but money was tight for many of my family members. This caused me to reflect upon Christmas 2008. Instead of giving each other gifts we didn’t really need that we would then exchange for gifts we really wanted, my sister-in-law Jane came up with a plan. “This year, we will give each other experiences!” she announced. She then expounded this would entail spending time doing some kind of memorable activity together. I loved the idea. I never know what to get most members of my family and building memories seemed like a much better alternative. Unless they are bad memories.

New Year’s Eve Events

The Martini Shot Dance Party at Stargazers Dec. 31: Dance music by The Martini Shot, hors d’oeuvres buffet, complimentary champagne toast at midnight, and party favors. Doors open at 8 p.m. Table seating starts at $35, general admission $25. 10 S. Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, 719-476-2200 Children’s Museum of Denver Dec. 31: Join us when we transform

Santa Claus passes new poll with flying colors

Why do kids believe a chubby guy in a flying sleigh can deliver joy across America? Because their parents do. A whopping 84 percent of grown-ups were once children who trusted in Santa’s magic, and lots cling to it still. Things are changing fast these days, with toddlers wishing for iPads and grade schoolers e-mailing their Christmas lists. Despite all the pressures on the rituals of the season,

A musical holiday card for all Mile High Mamas

To continue our annual tradition we offer again this vlog (video blog). To: All Mile High Mamas everywhere From: Three Mile High Mama sisters with very expressive eyebrows RE: Holiday wishes Happy and peaceful holiday wishes from me and mine to you and yours.

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