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Would you buy your child a Ouija Board?

Updated December 2021.

My kids and I look forward to receiving a Christmas toy catalog every year. As we were thumbing through oooing and ahhing, I was shocked to stumble upon Hasbro’s latest treasure prominently advertised: a Ouija Board. In pink, even.

It’s not that I am not a believer in The Dark Arts. I am a believer, which is precisely why I take issue with the presence of a Ouija Board at a toy store. There are many grey areas in this world.

This one is black.

I posted this on our forum a while back and I was surprised there were many people who did not take issue with it. The Ouija Board is targeted for ages 8-12. So, my question for you is this: would you buy your 8-year-old child a Ouija Board?

At Halloween, there is a lot of talk of spirits and hauntings. I choose to focus on the fun side of it with pumpkins and costume parties, mostly because I really believe there are forces of good and evil that work in this world.

I saw it in full force when my mom owned a popular tea room & gift shop in Canada and had a tea leaf/palm reader come in a few times a week. When I was 16, I had my tea leaves read by James, a complete phony whose predictions made me laugh and I wrote off psychics completely.

But we weren’t laughing a few years later with Aziza.

Aziza (whose real name was Bernice–BWHAHAAHA) was a popular tea leaf reader and she had a huge following. Wealthy women would spend a lot of money on her counsel and they lied to their husbands they were going for therapy. For them, Aziza was therapeutic.

I liked Aziza. She was the first palmist we’d had who wasn’t a complete freak but I did not give credence to what she did until one day, a large sum of money went missing. When my brothers and I were in college, my mom would buy back American money from the shop’s American patrons (the exchange rate was a lot higher at the bank). She stashed it in the house and would frequently send us American money.

One day, she went to the hiding place to get some money and it was gone. She and my father were the only people who knew of the secret stash and she was devastated. She went into work that day and Aziza, sensing something was wrong, insisted my mom sit down for a tea leaf reading.

My mom did not tell her anything but Aziza saw something. Two men, one of whom my parents knew. She saw these men come into my parent’s home to do some work. She saw their vehicle. She saw the friend leave and the stranger stay. She saw the stranger take something valuable.

My mom was incredulous. She had forgotten that several months prior she had hired a friend to work on our house and he had brought another contractor with him. And Aziza nailed everything–the friend, the vehicle, the location of the theft.

The money was never recovered. I mean really, what kind of evidence did they have in court: “My psychic told me you did it.” Maybe on TV but not in real life. 🙂

So, my question to you is would you buy your child a Ouija Board and do you believe in psychics, ghosts or spirits? Or do you think they are just a product of an overactive imagination?

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Amber Johnson
Author: Amber Johnson

Amber is the founder and editor of Mile High Mamas, travel writer and former columnist for The Denver Post. She is a passionate community builder and loves the outdoors. She has two awesome teens and is happily married to a man obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.

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Amber is the founder and editor of Mile High Mamas, travel writer and former columnist for The Denver Post. She is a passionate community builder and loves the outdoors. She has two awesome teens and is happily married to a man obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.


  1. I don’t really believe in psychics or ghosts. I believe in spirits, good and evil. In high school I played ouija board with some friends and we had a creepy experience and I never played again. So I’m sure the intent of manufacturing the game is for fun, and what the heck I let my kids read and watch Harry Potter, and Vampire movies, but I don’t want a ouija board in my house becasue of my experience.

  2. Actually, like with everything, I believe there is a relative amount of truth to it. We humans are very good and conjuring up (pardon the pun) stories and experiences that really are out of this world (again, a pun) and are full of baloney! But in essence, I believe that there are spirits and ghosts and depending on what you focus your energies on will be what you experience. For that reason I would not want my children “experimenting” with any games or activities that would promote dark things in their lives. There is enough darkness in this world, I don’t need or want my kids seeking after it. REally, what good comes of it besides curbing a curiosity? Not needed for happiness and the universe’s mysteries will all be answered in due time. Right now, I”ve got Halloween costumes to worry about!

    And I think it is ridiculous that they would target a game like that for that age group

  3. Evil is real, and even though sometimes we think of evil as not having any real power, we would be wrong to think it doesn’t. And because evil is real and has power, that is precisely why we shouldn’t “play games” with it. Ouija boards is a game, right? But it’s a game with the intent to play with evil.

    As a “believier” like yourself, I know that good is more powerful than evil. But only when we are in posession of goodness –like making good decisions. Thus the problem when it comes to flirting with evil –by choice. I have no doubt your mom’s tea leaf palm reader person was exactly right, because the Dark Arts do have power. But is that the kind of power one should be obsessed with? 8 year old children should be playing with?

    Heck no! (or in this case, it would be “hell”)

  4. I am not a fan of the Ouija board and would never purchase it for my kids – or purchase it in general. I don’t believe in any sort of hauntings or spirits related to it, but it is just principle in general.

    I’m not sure what I think of psychics. I would probably have to have personal experiences that were real and true to become a believer… it seems so “out there” to me.

  5. Like the others I believe in evil spirits and good spirits. Physics and other things like that I think are just part of the power of us wanting to believe.

  6. As a teenager my girlfriends and I used to play with a Quija board–I would never buy one for my kids.
    I do not believe in psychics.

    Like you, I prefer to focus on the pumpkins and costumes when it comes to Halloween–actually I really prefer to focus on THE CANDY!!!

  7. If you believe in spiritual gifts, one gift is the gift of prophesy. I think there are people who have it. But I don’t think it’s given to them to play games with.

    I don’t really believe in most ghost stories or most psychic phenomenon. But I do think that there are things in this world we don’t understand.

  8. I believe in ghosts and I believe that there are special people in this world that have been given the gift of sight, touch (healing) and such. However, sadly, greed has capitolized on these gifts and have sadly taken them away. You just never know who has the true talent or not. And for the most part, most people claiming to have them don’t.

    Do I believe in Ouija boards? Not really, but that is because I am too chicken to actually try. My imagination is active enough, especially when I was younger, and I would hate to see anything come true out of it. Again though, large companies will capitolize on pretty much anything that will make them a buck or two. It is tacky to see a pink Ouija board but to each it’s own.

  9. I just saw that Ouija board at a major toy store and was as angry as you are. I think it is HORRIBLE they are making that evil game look like something little girls should play with. Speaking from personal experience, that game is bad news and shouldn’t even be sold in a toy store.

  10. I would never allow my kids to play with an Ouija board, much less buy them one. It makes me sad that this is still on the market as a “toy”. There are some things you just shouldn’t open the door to.

  11. I believe I don’t know half what goes on un this crazy world of ours and I understand even less. To have a firm opinion about such things would seem really arrogant to me.

    Ouija board though? Never darkening my door.

  12. I would never buy a Ouija board for a kid. I, like you, think that there are spirits at work in our world and I don’t want to invite any to be around.

  13. Just say No to Ouiji boards!

    I do believe there are spirits around us. I’ve never had any experiences, but I believe there are people who do.

  14. Wow – so interesting that you would post this today……….I had the very same thought when I opened the catalog and saw the bubble-gum pink Ouija!
    I couldn’t believe it……..

    I don’t always know what I think either – but why toy with something that promotes darkness? There is enough of it in the world as it is.
    And I hate that it targets young girls – it’s positively creepy.

    Ditto on the costumes, candy, pumpkins and giggles……It’s all in good fun at our house.
    Enjoy yours!!

  15. No, No, No! to the boards. Yes, to spirits, good and bad which is why children should understand the No, to the boards before tossing one down in the play room. I recall all the tea leaf readers at the shop as well and a couple of my readings. Aziza told me to always make sure I stayed in touch with people because I could end up living in a little house out away on my own and people would drop of sick animals at my door to tend. Well, I sure tended a lot of sick animals people dropped off at my door at the farm but luckily I still have lots of come in the door too! Still looking after those animals, hmmm.

  16. By the way, email and call the catalog, you would be amazed at what action your voice can have! I have had two TV ads removed that were offensive!

  17. I think it’s bad enough that kids are going to the Muppet movie let alone playing with something that represents evil. (Talk about pure evil. They really are freaky! Why subject kids to them???) I think that we should teach kids to be open to the things of God, to listen to his spirit, and be guided through him. The Ouija board is merely a counterfeit of Satan, so people can look for answers in the wrong place.

  18. Until I read this I never knew a ouija board was associated with evil. And I just can’t believe that something manufactured by a game company is capable of being instilled with any powers. I would assume that our knowing the answer has something to do with the end result but that wasn’t enough for me…I like this more detailed explanation better.

    So, in my mind…it’s still just a game. Would I buy one for a child. Probably not just because there are things I would rather spend my money on. Like a magic wand. 🙂

  19. I would never buy a quija for anyone especially kids I played with one when I was 15 and I was just goofing off moving the thing around acting like it wasn’t me doing it , and me and my friends had a song playing in the background called mr.quija by bone thugs-n-harmony and we didn’t have any thing happen really so the night got late and my friends had to go home but my friend who the quija board belonged to was afraid to take it home knowing his parents would flip out on him and I knew my parents wouldn’t have been happy over my decision, I told my friend he could leave it at my house for the night so he did just that I hid it under my bed and that night I will never forget I was laying in my bed watching tv in the dark and my bedroom door slammed open hard and the door stayed stuck to the wall like something was holding it there , and there wasn’t anyone else home except me and my dad, I was so frightened that I asked my father who was a decon at our church if I could sleep in his room because I felt I was protected by the lord being by my father I told him about what happened but I didn’t mention the quija board part because I already knew I would be in trouble if I told him I had a quija board in the house , and he said to me , I told you that rap music is evil and will allow evil in our house , I quietly agreed and the next day I threw the box the quija board was in at my friend and I convinced him to throw it away actually we burned it after I told him what happened to me , I am 33 now and I will never forget that experience I won’t even go near one, some things should not be played with the quija is one of those things

  20. I just bought my 8 year old daughter one. I let her watch the ouija board movie and that is the number one thing she wants. I had a ouija boards as a kid too and trust me people were the ones moving it. It allows us to be creative really. I can’t wait to play with it with my daughter and allow is to make contact with dan just making up the name. Also I do not believe in a god, or spirits, and I also believe we do not have souls just a brain with lots of imagination.

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