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Mama Drama: Anniversary Advice Round Up

Mama Drama is celebrating two years with Mile High Mamas!!

We’ve rounded up all of the drama Lisa has covered during that time into a variety of categories to make it easier for you to find that special nugget of information or advice you need.

Keep the questions coming ([email protected]) and remember that we all have our share of Mama Drama, so contribute your advice, ideas, and tried and true strategies as we support each other through the journey of motherhood in this fabulous community of moms.

Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access and share it with all your mommy friends!

Developmental issues:

Articulation Angst – When to worry about speech concerns.

Handling Disappointment – When not getting your way results in tantrums.

Scared of Strangers – Supporting young children who exhibit fear of strangers.

Tall tales – Being clear about telling the truth.

Where Do Babies Come From? – How to prepare for the big question from your kids.

Water Worries – Supporting children with water anxieties.

Why Why? – Why does your child always ask why?!



Discussing Death and Dying – How and when to talk with kids about death.

Talking With Kids About Disasters – Advice for helping kids feel safe in the wake of disasters.

Talking With Kids About 9-11: Lessons in Compassion – What lessons do you want your children to learn from this American tragedy?



Christmas Morning Craziness – Encouraging appreciation rather than greed.

Is Santa Real? – How to address the BIG question.

Merry Moderation – Helping kids learn moderation at the holidays.


Independence/Life Skills:

Cheering Chores – Getting kids to pitch in and learn essential life skills.

Daily Discipline – Not the dirty word you might think it is.

Food Fights – Offering options without forcing.

Helicopter Mom – How to help rather than hover.

Independent Eights – Supporting kids as they transition from little kids to big kids.

Morning Routines & Evening Hysteria – Ideas to make beginnings and endings easier for all.

Picky Eaters – Helping your child expand their choices.

Respectful Independence – Teaching kids to ask for their independence with respect.

Separation Anxiety Blues – Strategies to help your preschooler with separation anxiety.

Staying Connected to Our Kids – Creative ways to stay involved even as they need you less.

Teaching Independence – Steps to independent skills for young children.


Parent Self-Control/ Balance:

Mad Mama – Handling our own anger, so we can teach our kids a better way.

Mama Needs a Minute – Creative solutions to finding time for yourself.

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome – How to plan for your child’s safety.

Stay at Home Success – Ways to make being a SAHM a fulfilling experience.

Surviving Children’s Electronic Overload – Finding the balance in options.


Peer issues:

Bully Busting Basics – Prepare your child to stand up for him or herself.

Friendship Frustrations – Handling peer concerns.

Jokester’s Painful Punchlines – When your child’s jokes cross the line.

Playgroup Problems – Addressing behavior concerns with your playgroup friends.

Playtime Struggles – Handling toddlers aggressive behaviors with positive supports.


Potty Training:

Flushing Fears – Cures for fear of automatic toilets.

Potty Training On The Go – Toilet training tips when you’re out and about.

Potty Power – Is your child ready to potty train or not?



Homework H-E-double toothpicks! – Handling stressful homework drama.

School Anxiety Support…for Mom – Support and strategies for moms anxious about bullying.

Summer Nights vs. School Mornings – Helping your kids make the adjustment to school successfully.



Brotherly Love – Supporting sibling reconnection at the end of the school day.

Sibling Birthday Blues – Handling birthday jealousy.

Sibling Fights – When siblings fights turn extreme.

Siblings – friends or enemies? – Creating positive relationships between siblings.

Sibling Sarcasm – Changing negative comments into positives.

Sibling Rivalry – Encouraging cooperation over competition.

The New Baby – Helping toddlers adjust to the new baby.


Sleep issues:

Bedtime Woes – Adapting to changing toddler bedtimes needs.

Getting the Babes to Bed – Taking charge of bedtime by setting limits.

Moving Out of The Family Bed – Making a smooth transition to a big kid bed.

Night Terrors – Supporting your child with night terrors.



Competitive Cravings – Teaching cooperation and good sportsmanship.

Competition Quakes – How to support kids scared to compete.



A Summer of Being or Doing…Which Will Your Child Have?

Summer Break Blues – Handling the transition from school to summer.


Tantrums/Meltdowns/Behavior concerns:

Discipline for Deceit – Tips for handling lying.

Extreme Hair Pulling – When kids literally pull out their hair in frustration.

Getting Kids to Tune In – How to get kids to listen.

Monkey See, Monkey Do – Supporting independent thinking.

Public Meltdown Madness – Handling and preventing tantrums in public.

Positives for Power Struggles – Strategies for avoiding power struggles.

Tantrum Trouble – Teaching kids how to handle anger and communicate effectively.

Toddler tantrums & Clean up melt downs – Adding structure to your day to prevent tantrums and meltdowns.

To Do or Not To Do – Using positive statements to help kids know what to do.


Travel issues:

Decrease Packing Pressure – Getting the kids to take responsibility in the packing process.

Grocery Grabber – Keeping tots safe and happy as you shop.

Homesick Help – Planning for kids going on overnight outings and camps.

Preventing Travel Trauma – Making road trips smooth and easy for all.



Hair Raising Reading – Helping advanced readers find age appropriate books.

Staying Connected to Our Kids – Strategies to connect with kids as they get older and schedules get crazier.

Tween Tension – Navigating the changing needs of kids moving into the tween and teen years.


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