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TV Preview: NBC’s “Up All Night”

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NBC promised a reshot, reworked pilot and they delivered: since the first draft, Maya Rudolph has been given a larger part — which she turns to advantage — and the focus shifts a bit from the rigors of new parenthood to the trials of working for an Oprah-esque talk-show host.

“Up All Night,” which debuted yesterday at 9 p.m. on Channel 9, is now ready for its closeup.

The abundance of talent is evident. Rudolph powers to the forefront as Ava, a daytime TV talker; Christina Applegate is Reagan, her dependable producer, and Will Arnett​ plays Reagan’s husband Chris. The comedy distills the challenge of juggling of career and family, as well as the conflicting emotions of caring for a newborn: standing in loving awe of the creature, and trying to remember having fun and getting a good night’s sleep. The beauty of the infant; the horror of the sticky, cluttered, baby-fied house. The trials of working for a needy, narcissistic boss. The pressures on a marriage all played for laughs.

That’s a lot of story for one half-hour to carry, but creator Emily Spivey (“SNL,” “Parks and Rec”) serves each character in the pilot. We’ll have to see how the tale of parental exhaustion/doting plays out long-term.

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