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9 Tech Accessories Busy Parents Need

If you’re a busy parent who relies on technology to help you cope with crazy schedules, communication, entertainment and everything between, you’re probably always on the lookout for great accessories that compliment your phone or computer of choice. I know I have a weakness for a good gadget or accessory and I know I’m not only in that tendency. Recently I’ve acquired and tested several accessories that will be a helpful addition for any tech-savvy parent. They range from helpful to stylish. Here’s a run down of my recent favorite picks.

Tough n Tiny usb drive by Verbatim 2 – 32 gb ($9.75 – $97.50) is a wonderfully durable way to store important documents and files you need on the go. This truly tough piece of hardware can survive liquid, dirt and hard handling. It comes with a key chain attachment and can withstand all the scratching your keys throw its way. This usb is perfect for parents with clumsy, messy kids.


Cushi Soft Foam Pad by id America (iPhone $11.99) is a stylish way to protect the iPhone. Don’t like bulky cases? Still want a way to cushion the front and back of your beautiful iPhone? This is a complaint I hear from mommies who need to use their iPhone for work and feel self conscious pulling out their expensive iDevice only to reveal that it’s covered with a bulky, military grade case (to keep the kids from breaking it). The Cushi Soft Foam Pad not only looks good but also goes on easily and comes with small, round cushions and a screen protector for the front. Perfect for the iPhone that stays out of little hands.

iGuy by Speck (iPad 1 & 2 $39.95) is hands down the best kid-friendly iPad case I have come across. We have thoroughly tested it for about a month now and it’s still going strong. Not only does it turn the iPad into a cute little character, but it provides a very durable rubber-foam padding and is compatible with both the iPhone 1 and 2. The arms provide a great handle for kids to hold and it’s strong enough to withstand falls and fits. It does take some finagling to get the iPad into it, but that’s a good thing. My kids have figured out how to get every other iPad case off, but not the iGuy. It has outsmarted them and kept them from destroying our wonderful tablet (again).

RoadTrip HandsFree by Griffin (iPhone/iPod Touch $99.99) makes using your phone while traveling a breeze. The device plugs into any vehicle’s lighter outlet and extends upward. Adjust the angle to fit your needs and pivot it as each situation dictates. It acts as a phone charger, FM transmitter, and a handsfree way to talk on the phone and view GPS directions. Easily¬† skip, pause and replay songs in your playlist from controls directly from the mount. This is a great way to listen to playlists on the go and view GPS apps without looking down and taking your eyes off the road. A must-have for iPhone junkies who use their phone for multiple tasks while driving – stay safe and keep your eyes on the road with Griffin’s RoadTrip HandsFree.


Candyshell Card by Speck ($39.95) is the minimalist’s best friend. This is a great gift accessory for dads who hate filling their pockets with a million bulky objects. This smartphone case provides a special compartment for up to three cards or even some cash to be store right within the case. Headed for a night out and just want to worry about one thing to keep track of? The Candyshell Card case is perfect for such an occasion.


The Survivor by Griffin ($49.99) is a military grade, protective case for smartphone users. Do a lot of hiking in the high country? Have little ones that are relentless with your phone? This is great, protective option as far as keeping your from from shattering during a tragic fall. The case consists of a hard, inner plastic shell and an outer silicone casing that offer military-grade protection. The Survivor keeps any parent’s smartphone nightmare from coming true.


MountMe Freedom iPad Mounting Bracket by MountMe ($49.99) makes mounting the iPad on just about anything a reality. This brilliant accessory comes with a case that clips onto the iPad and attaches to a rotating piece. Apply suction cups or a strap (depending on the mounting situation). Or, if there’s a spot on the wall parents want to designate for the iPad to be mounted on regularly, there’s also an option to attach the MountMe to screws on the wall. Watch movies in the car, mount the iPad at an angle on a desk, or even just place it on your lap at an angle. We fell in love with this mounting system and I readily recommend it to any family who has the need to mount their tablet.

Woogie Case by Griffin ($19.99) is a wonderfully cuddly case that protects the iPhone from being shattered in the hands of little ones. Simply insert the iPhone into the center of the star-shaped stuffed animal and insert the headphone jack. The Woogie isn’t just a case, but also serve as an enhanced speaker system. The pillow is firm and weighted and the perfect little pal for kids. The clear plastic cover that goes over the front could be a bit snugger and it isn’t hard for kids to get the phone out, but other than these issues, it’s the perfect solution. Parents can get creative and figure out ways to keep the phone in the pillow.

Powerskin for most smartphones ($40) is a great back up battery option for folks who must be away from conventional chargers for hours at a time. Teachers and working parents who need a backup battery at a moments notice will find the Powerskin a wonderfully convenient option for a battery boost. The Powerskin is available for most of the popular smartphones. It also doubles as a protective case, so you really can’t go wrong with this one!


Did I miss your favorite tech accessory? I’d love to hear your current favorites in the comments below!

Hannah is an educator, mom to three wonderful children ages 3 and younger and proud wife of an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. She is the founder of and the HR and Editorial Manager at My Appinions is a site where she posts reviews of iOS apps of all kinds but with a heavy emphasis on ones with educational and practical value.

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  1. Ohmygosh, these are great, especially the Cushi Soft Foam. And I’ll all over the Candyshell for my husband for Christmas.

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