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5 Things You Need to Know for a Successful Juice Cleanse (JuiceCleansingHealtyChick Update)

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An official member of club #JuiceCleansingHealthyChicks AND officially toxin free – well, I *was* for a few days anyhow! For three long days, I squeezed, squished and blended anything (and most everything) grown naturally on our planet. 
How do I feel about it? Well, I have a few tips to share – things I wish I had known! …official update to my “juicy” story… How JuiceCleansingHealthyChicks Invaded My Pizza Craze.
Wow, was I hungry…bloated, headachy and fatigued too!
BUT, to be completely honest, I have to disclose that my lack of planning may have contributed for several of my unpleasant side effects during the cleanse. Had I consulted my calendar when deciding to give this three-day juice thing a try, I would have waited a week and avoided the physical disruption to this delicate experiment ~ girl stuff.
Juice Cleanse Tip #1: Plan accordingly
Sounds obvious, but considering that I did run into both of my #JuiceCleansingHealthyChicks at parties where there was an assortment of delicious foods…and the fact that I overlooked a significant calendar “event,” I’m thinking this tip is quite relevant. Don’t overlook the obvious…or this cleansing thing is going to become problematic, fast.
Proper planning aside, I discovered that there really isn’t much that is convenient about drinking every meal, so I really haven’t a clue as to how people can continue this for several days – definitely not weeks…unless used as a supplement to normal foods and not a full-on liquid diet.
Juice Cleanse Tip #2: Expect Inconvenience
We don’t actually own a juicer – it’s one of the fist things I realized *after* deciding to start my juice cleanse. It ended up working out though, because the 3-day plan I chose included blended fruit smoothies and veggies (we own a blender!) and I was able to buy some 100% natural juices too. So, I spent a good amount of time (and money) shopping, chopping, blending and drinking (because it’s awfully hard to feel satiated on pureed spinach and vegetable broth.)
Juice Cleanse Tip #3: Pre-cleanse Prep
Had I known ahead of time what a cold-turkey, caffeine withdrawal headache would feel like, I would have half-caffed until my body was ready to do this. I don’t think it’s healthy to make such a sudden switch…and for those who may feel that their bodies aren’t ready for a full juice cleanse, I’d say start at your own pace until you’re at a healthy level to give this a try. Which reminds me:
 **Always consult a physician before trying any new diet or exercise program.**

I guess the utter lack of energy was one side effect I wasn’t expecting – at least not to the extreme (bearing in mind I had other physical exhaustions to account for.) Normally, when I exercise and eat right, I feel great, with increased energy, but with the juice cleanse I was utterly fatigued.
I eked out of bed in the mornings, slothed around trying to get things done, bumbled through my routine…and for a grand finale – signed off a couple of hours early each night, sapped and weary, adorned in drool.
Juice Cleanse Tip #4: Prepare for the Inevitable
Did I feel hungry surviving on liquids…um, YES! The hunger pangs weren’t the worst, but I did feel the need for something solid – protein preferably. Without a boost from a healthy protein, I start feel depleted (huge fan of the carb/protein combo.) At one point during the cleanse, I felt 100% full of liquids – bloated belly and all – but my body longed for something more. As far as cleansing goes, maybe this is effective to detoxify, but for a healthy eating plan, I would need to strike more of a food/energy balance.
Juice Cleanse Tip #5: Choose Your Restroom
If you don’t like public restrooms, porta potties, or a secluded shrub, you might think twice about drinking your meals! Now, I have to admit that I do make more frequent potty breaks then the average adult (unexplained mysteries) so, for me, this liquid diet was rather absurd. The nice thing about being a mom though, is that when you ask a store clerk if you can use the restroom and they see you holding a little one’s hand, they just smile and assume it’s a kid thing – and I’m not about to tell them otherwise!
So, if you aren’t planning on being reclusive for three days during  your juice cleanse, you might want to structure your day around clean restroom stops. Side note: Chinese restaurants, random gas stations, and of course, the notorious porta potty are always a gamble. Thank you, hand sanitizer inventors.
Will I try a juice cleanse again?…yes, with a little more planning next time.
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  • comment avatar Janell September 1, 2011

    Wow, Jaime. I think you were brave to try this. Not sure I could survive three days on liquid only.

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