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How to Name a Baby

That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare demonstrated the importance of a name…a name that could impact destiny, inhibit love, trigger rejection, provoke judgment and stir much anger with a simple mention.
It’s one decision that parents make for their young that is likely to last a lifetime; a decision that can impact an entire family line for generations, initiating a namesake reaching far into the future.
A name must either have meaning and/or will gain meaning as it is used in its tangible form, representative of the human bearing that name. It’s the way humans refer to one another when a simple gesture will not suffice. The end result: a uniqueness will blossom from even the most common or simple of names to bring life to a mental image, an awareness and a variety of feelings for the one being described by that simple word.
A person’s name will be used to describe them, so let it ring beauty to the ear.
That’s the power of words. They all mean something…the tricky part: some words hold dual meanings dependent upon the culture, context, usage, spelling and surely a number of other factors. What does that mean to an expectant parent? A little research is in order. The ultimate decision will be yours, but in order to make that decision responsibly, I believe a little education is quite helpful!
When we named our daughter Noelle, a friend of ours from South America asked – to be sure she had heard us correctly – “You mean like Papa Noel?”
We took the comment in good humor…our sweet baby Santa Claus! That was what the name “Noelle” meant to that friend, and quite appropriately so, because one of the reasons we chose that name was because of the root meaning: Christmas. The name represented something important to us, and we felt it would be a beautiful word used to describe our little miracle – and we haven’t changed our minds yet!
So, what are you thinking, parents of 2011 babes?
That’s the run down of the top picks rockn’ the 2011 charts thus far – according to BabyCenter’s popular baby names. Maybe you already know that you’d prefer something less popular and like to browse the latter end of the popularity charts.
One of my favorite sites for accurate information is the Social Security Administration . Here you will find lists for popular names by state, decade, twins, U.S. Territories and more! The best thing about this site is that the information is based on social security registration, so it’s legitimate and credible, which is essential for this type of decision – but definitely play around on the just-for-fun sites too!
So, you’re a new mother of a Colorado baby boy…
Is his name Jacob? How about Alexander?
A mother to a baby little girl in Colorado…
Possibly Isabella…or Sophia?
Moms of twins…
Ella and Emma?
Jacob and Joshua?
Madison and Mason?
My husband and I had a lot of fun (along with some difficulty) searching for the perfect baby names for our children. We used baby name books as well as online sites to come up with creative ideas – we knew trendy names weren’t really what we were going for. So, here’s the current scoop on our children’s names…Silas: Currently Ranking #311  Noelle: Currently Ranking #322 (BabyCenter Ranking)
Both are slowly making their way up the charts from where they were at the time of birth, so it’ll be fun to see where they’re at a few years from now!
Our choices were based on our faith and personal beliefs, which we felt was a wonderful purpose in name selection for our children. Of course, we came together with our individual lists of ideas and did some crossing off according to personal preference too! I mean you can’t really expect your husband to name his son something that reminds him of the boy who was always eating boogers and glue in school, right?
Ok, so once you think you have a name selected, you can use some fun tools on BabyCenter to search for the perfect middle name…or if you already have kids and would like to pair sibling names, just use the tool…
It looks like Silas would go well with Asher, Gavin, Naomi or Madeline. Noelle would be best paired with Nolan, Aidan, Paige or Ariana. We aren’t in the market for sibling names though! 
What names have you chosen for your children and why? Be sure to give us the current BabyCenter ranking…for a little fun!
Happy Baby Naming!
photo: fireflyblog
Author: Jaime

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  1. Hadley: #348, which is too high for me. I didn’t even want it to make the chart!

    Bode: #1118. That’s more like it. We wanted original names!

  2. We named our daughter Eliora (#5692 on BabyCenter), but we call her Ella as a nickname (#18 on BabyCenter).
    So she has options. She can be original or not! 🙂

  3. UM, well, my daughter’s was #4 at the time (didn’t really realize that) and I think my son’s was like 24. I had liked the girls name for YEARS and it got more popular. The boys name, my husband and I had a HARD time agreeing on, but we finally found one, so we went with it!

  4. Well, Amber, I only know one other Bode and he doesn’t live in CO…the only other Hadley I know is a pet. Good job on originality!

    Eliora is a beautiful name and I love it that she has options w/ a popular nickname. We call Silas “Si” and Noelle “Noe” (like Zoe) so they can go by those too…don’t know that those are any more popular though?

    I love hearing unique names, nicknames and the reasons/meanings behind them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jason #70. I picked out the name when I was about 11 and told my parents that I was going to name my son Jason because I had a crush on a Jason at school. He was funny, athletic, energetic and I’ve always like the name.

    Kaitlyn #29. I worked with a girl named Kate and loved the name so much I named by daughter.

    I obessed over the baby book throughout both pregnancies and we still settled on names other than those found in the book that we pretty much had in mind even before getting pregnant!!

  6. Carlos Isaac & Sophia Juliet. They go by Isaac and Juliet. We named them their first names after family members and their middle names, which we call them by because we loved them. Also, we have to have names that sound good in both English & Spanish.

  7. Considering the two languages is excellent forethought, Angie! Both beautiful names.

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