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The Kids are Going Back to School! Moms Deserve to do a bit of Retail Therapy to Celebrate!

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Sometimes I feel I get more excited about back to school items then the kids! Sure pencils, markers and folders are fun, but I found four items that will make you want to go back to school as well, mmmmmm……., just in theory. The following items are more for me than my own kiddos. Pack me a lunch with some wacky apple in a Bento Box and stick my Make my Notebook in a Jaq Jaq Pouch and send me on my way. I just hope my version of school has nap time, extended recess and no homework.

Wacky Apple

Not only do I love the name, an apple a day is “supposed” to keep the doctor away, ha ha, but we know the flu season can be a doosy for school kids. The products come from a second-generation organic apple farmer in Hotchkiss, Colorado. The company developed to fill a void for healthy apple snacks without all the added fillers and corn syrup used in so many products. Wacky Apple has juices, applesauce and three flavors of flat fruit that are pre-packaged and great for school lunches or snacks on the go in between activities. The flat fruit and applesauce jars are available at select King Soopers right now and a wider range of products will be available at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage in September. The Flat Fruit is also available on

Make My Notebook

I’m crazy for these notebooks; I’ve been hooked on them since 2007. A local mom in the Denver area

Floral Notebook

creates these magic wonders. The hand silk-screened and assembled spiral bound notebooks come in the moFishy Notebookst delightful of colors with incredible designs on the covers. The notebooks come in various sizes and have different paper choices such as graph paper, college rule or sketch paper. The small notebooks retail for $12 and the large for $18. While these notepads are not on the cheap end by any means, they are a wonderful choice for a diary or a notebook that might be used for the entire school year as they are extremely durable and made from recycled products. Sara, mom and designer of the line, will throw in a free mini notebook with purchase of any two notebooks made online through the website in the month of August.

Bento Box Set

Ok, they’re not made in Colorado, but these lunch boxes are pretty darn cool! The bento box is very mod looking and has numerous different size compartments to store items. It encourages parents to pack a variety of foods and mixes things up for the student. The lunch boxes are made from recycled materials and contain no lead, BPA or PVC materials. They are easy to clean and will last forever. A bit expensive up front, but they pay for themselves in only weeks. I especially like the garden design bento box. They retail for $27.99

Jaq Jaq Pouches “The Perfect Pouches”

Alright, busted, another non-Colorado made item, but I couldn’t help it. These are my FAVORITE pouches! I think I have purchased about two dozen of these both for myself and for gifts. They are PVC-free, waterproof, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. I started using the pouches for diaper carriers, then they turned into pencil pouches, storage for Hank the Tank’s trains and, most recently, food storage. The small pouches are $12 and the large pouches $15. They come in four different prints or plain blue or yellow. All the “Perfect Pouches” are see through making it easy to identify contents inside. They are eco-friendly and have unlimited uses. I’m just a huge fan and you can purchase them from Amazon or directly from their website,

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  • comment avatar Gretchen Y August 9, 2011

    Ladies –
    The EcoVessel Bottles are awesome too. Plus, they are made in Colorado! I love the bright colors and perfect size. My daughter can chew on the straw bit and because it is made of rubber it does not show chew marks and I can order extra straws – instead of having to get a whole new bottle. Now, that’s eco friendly.

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