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Colorado Mom-Owned Hot Tot Makes Kids’ Locks Rock

My 4-year-old daughter, Beatrix, has beautiful hair.

It’s long, thick, and a sweet shade of warm nut-brown. But like many small kids with long locks, her hair is prone to tangling. Certain situations make tangling worse. Sleeping, bathing, and romping around have a way of making hair twist into knots and little nests.

I have no plans to keep Beatrix awake, dirty, and bored, so I’m resigned to the fretful battle of de-tangling her hair every day.

I’ve tried kid’s detangling sprays from the grocery store. They do the trick, but she ends up smelling like a Las Vegas buffet fruit salad and it leaves a residue behind. Plus, I’ve often wondered what chemicals and preservatives I’m spraying all over her head. I suppose it wouldn’t be a big worry if detangler wasn’t a daily necessity, but with Beatrix, it is.

Megan Gage, a Colorado mom of 2 and DU graduate, shared these concerns. After researching the chemicals found in children’s hair and styling products, she felt she had to do something. Megan needed to ensure the products she used on her kids’ hair was safe, but also made their hair look great. In 2010, she founded Hot Tot, producing salon-quality and tot-friendly styling products.

Hot Tot’s special safe and organic formulas are free from many of the most-widely used chemicals found in traditional hair products. These chemicals have been linked to adverse health in studies done worldwide. If you feed your kids healthy food choices because you are concerned about what goes in your child’s body, why not think about what you are putting on her body—especially if it’s a daily necessity?

I tried Hot Tot Conditioning Detangler spray on Beatrix’s hair after her bath. The first thing I noticed was the fine mist and very light scent. I was skeptical that something so light could cut through the snarly wet tangles, so I let it sit on her hair for a few minutes before combing. I found it easy to glide through most of her hair. I applied a few more sprays to the tougher tangles and worked the formula through with my fingers. The tangles released easily. Once her hair dried, it had a lot of movement and shine.

I’ve also used the Hot Tot Conditioning Detangler on her hair when it gets a bit messy or she’s had a nap and has big-time bed head. With repeated use between baths, I worry about build-up in her hair. Beatrix’s hair didn’t seem weighed down or dull.

Hot Tot offers a full line of products for babies and children. They are even safe to use on sensitive kiddos with cradle cap, eczema, and allergies. Along with the Conditioning Detangler, Megan has formulated Styling Gel, Structure Whip, Finishing Mist, Sweet Pea serum for curls, and coming this summer, Spotless Tot hair and body cleanser. I used the Hot Tot styling gel on my 2nd-grader’s hair to give him a spiky cool-dude ‘do and he was very happy with the results.

I love that Hot Tot is the brainchild of a Colorado mom, too. Megan Gage believes in product integrity and the Colorado spirit of caring for our planet and our neighbors. Hot Tot donates a portion of proceeds to charities like Save the Children, CASA, and Ronald McDonald House. Sustainable business practices are also standard.

Above all, Hot Tot stresses that inner beauty is more important than outward appearances, while recognizing that kids and parents love to look great and feel special.

(Disclosure: Hot Tot sent samples to me for review)

Author: gretchen

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  1. Thanks for the review. My boys love to spike their hair after their shower, but it disappears once their hair dries. I hesitated buying them any styling product for the exact reasons you mentioned- chemicals. Will definitely seek out Hot Tot products, knowing I can feel good about them product & it’s Colorado based! 🙂

  2. Love the photos of Beatrix! Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot ;o) Love organic products, too; too few people realize that what we put ON our bodies goes INTO our bodies.

  3. This stuff sounds amazing! I could use it for the rats nest on the back of my toddlers head

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