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Summer good and summer bad

Tessa and Reed, help me write this article. What are the best things about summer?

  • We get to play with our best friends.
  • We get to sleep in.
  • We get to spend time with the family.
  • We get to go to different states and learn.
  • We’ll go to Elitch’s [really?? I never said that.]
  • Swimming!
  • Throwing a 4th of July party [I never mentioned that, either.]
  • Water balloon fights.
  • Running through the sprinkler.
  • Popsicles.
  • Going to France [someone’s been watching too many Mary Kate and Ashley videos.]
  • Doing a lot of sports.
  • Going to a Rockies game.
  • We get to stay up later because our parents don’t have the excuse that we have school in the morning.

What DON’T you like about summer?

  • Going go our rooms if we bug people.
  • Too hot.
  • Having to take a lot of showers because we get so dirty.
  • We have to come in when the streetlights come on.
  • Weeds. Whenever we say we’re bored, mom makes us pull weeds!
  • We can’t watch as much TV as we want.
  • It will end.

So there you have it — a 10 and an 8 year-olds’ perspectives. Did they miss anything?

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Lori Holden
Author: Lori Holden

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  1. Summer good: Long days of play.
    No schedule



  2. Love it, Lori!!!
    We used to always throw 4th of July parties, they’re fabulously fun.
    I’d like to go to France with them. 🙂
    I agree on the sleeping in.
    From the family vacationioners in FL this week, likes:
    No socks or coats.
    Windows open at night (except in FL).
    No homework
    Playing in the yard for hours
    Eating breakfast on the patio
    Tiny clothes
    Heat! ( sorry, Amber, it’s the summer baby in me)
    My birthday (son #2 & me)
    the don’t likes:
    Thunderstorms -the scary ones

  3. LOL, Amber! I could have guessed you’d say that.

    One thing we forgot is the ice cream truck song. Even though we don’t buy from them, we enjoy hearing the song and seeing the truck.

  4. We make our kids do chores if they mention being bored too! HA!

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