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Dip in number of Colorado home-schoolers may be linked to surge in online enrollment

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For JD Elvrum and his family, public school had too many strikes against it.

“His first three years of school were marred by teachers’ strikes,” in his Pennsylvania school district, said JD’s mom, Tillie Elvrum. Add to that a slight learning disability and many moves as a result of his father’s career — in the Air Force and later in the private sector — and the bottom line was brick-and-mortar schools weren’t going to work.

So, like thousands of parents across the country, Tillie Elvrum looked into home schooling.

What she found scared her. “I wasn’t a teacher, and this is my kid’s education. It’s my No. 1 priority, and I didn’t want to screw it up.”

That’s how JD, now a Colorado Connections Academy eighth-grader, joined one of the fastest-growing student categories: online scholar.

As the number of online students grows, state data indicate the number of home-schooled students is dropping, and some parents and educators see a link between the two.

The number of Colorado students enrolled in online programs jumped

Read more: Dip in number of Colorado home-schoolers may be linked to surge in online enrollment,Karen Augé

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  • comment avatar BobbyJohn May 20, 2011

    I wonder how they would classify my three kids.

    Four days a week they are schooled at home, one day a week they attend the “Options” program in Greeley that is sponsored by Aurora Public Schools, and my youngest attends the “specials” classes (art, music, etc.) the first hour each day at the local elementary school in Greeley.

  • comment avatar Yaakov Watkins May 20, 2011

    In the real world there is no penalty for not telling the state that you are home schooling. Just like if you have a cat and you don’t get a cat license.

  • comment avatar ColoCyclist May 20, 2011

    Sure, there’s no penalty, except that home-schooled kids are regularly at the bottom of the college recruitment list. But enjoy your cats.:)

  • comment avatar SidJames May 20, 2011

    Yaakov–Where do you get your stats on that?

  • comment avatar DaWeber May 20, 2011

    Colleges don’t care if one went to a private school or was raised by wolves. Both students have to take the same entrance exams.

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