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April Showers—Great Baby Shower Gifts

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It’s hard to swing my own pregnant belly these days without bumping into another pregnant gal! Spring isn’t just for animals procreating, it seems humans love to have spring, summer and early fall babies as well. With babies comes showers, lots and lots of showers—cakes, silly games and gifting. This April I wanted to dedicate my product review to April Showers, baby showers that is! Here is a fantastic roundup of wonderful shower gifts to present to your pregger friends, all from Colorado! It’s amazing how many truly fabulous companies are located here in the Centennial State just for babies. This is by no means a complete list, as I am still a huge fan of the Colorado-based products from the Holiday Guide in December, but here are some fresh ideas for your gift giving adventures.

Bosom Blanket

Breastfeeding in public can be uncomfortable. From evil glares to awkward boob exposure, put your girlfriends at ease with Bosom Blanket. Owner and creator Shannon Kiebler knows about protecting the goods. Her cover for mommy is also a blanket for baby. The apron-style, adjustable garment is made of

Bosom Blanket, get them while you can!

100 percent cotton and is machine washable. There is a hidden double Velcro pocket, great for storing pacifiers and other odds and ends and there are a variety of patterns from which to choose. The best part, each Bosom Blanket comes with a matching burp cloth. Don’t laugh; I think I might be more excited about the burp cloth. I don’t need to go into detail that at times it seems as more comes up than goes down, but those tiny burp cloths I stocked up on the first round of baby were worthless. I love this style burp cloth because it actually holds liquid and I don’t end up with stains all over my shoulders. The nursing cover with matching burp cloth retails for $45. Get them while they are out, come end of summer, this line is becoming discontinued! Visit the company at


Chelsea Avenue

Chelsea Incorvaia is the mastermind and seamstress behind Chelsea Avenue “for the stylish infant and

Beige Hat by Chelsea Avenue

child.” Her line is beyond darling! Chelsea always had a passion for design and creating unique clothing and accessory pieces. It just made sense when Chelsea Avenue finally came to fruition. She has a multitude of shower gifts that will make any mom-to-be smile. If it’s a girl, her hats are perfect, no matter what season. Those little baby heads can easily get quite cold and most babies are born without hair, so this is perfect to keep the

Tie Shirt by Chelsea Avenue

wee ones warm. At $15 a piece, they are affordable and darling. My favorites, the beige hat with black crystal peony (super warm and cozy) and the pink kufi hat with removable flower clip. And, for the super trendy moms, the tutu line is so fun, no doubt the preggers gal will be wearing the tutu as a tiara before baby comes. I like the pink and turquoise, just in case Hankers wants to give it a whirl. For boys, Chelsea has a onsie with a tie hand sewn on the front. What little man doesn’t look handsome dressed to the 9s, yet still comfy for summer in a onesie. Chelsea will customize anything upon request. Visit her at

Original Tutu by Chelsea Avenue or at


Loopy Gear

Functional gifts are always helpful. Loopy Gear has one thought in mind, to avoid the five-second rule situation and help keep baby rattlers close. This safe product attaches one end to baby’s wrist and the other end to their toy of choice. Or you can attach Loopy Gear from toys to strollers, high chairs, car seats, and shopping carts too. Moms do not have to worry about dropped toys or dirty floors; the problem will be avoided with this magic wonder. There are 15 colors and patterns to choose from, perfect for either

Loopy Gear

sex or neutral if the wee one’s gender has not been disclosed. Mom and creator, Nicole, does recommend that Loppy Gear be worn in the presence of an adult, she would never promote leaving a child alone with this toy tool. Visit her on the web at And use Coupon Code APRMHM to get 30% off your entire purchase.



This product has Colorado baby written all over it! The sun at a mile high elevation is intense, too intense for baby’s skin. New moms are hesitant to put sunscreen on their precious bundles of joy, but want to get outside for walks. We all know that those strollers, no matter how much money you spend, can’t cover every angle of the blistering sun. That’s why ShadyBaby is perfect for our Colorado climate. The UV-protected parasol has a SPF of 50 plus, adjusts in three different places and is easy to clip on. Talk about April showers, could this gift be more appropriate? It could also be used on the rare occasion when it actually rains in the Colorado summer for more than 10 minutes. Retailing at $29.99, this is a brilliant gift for any mom. Visit the company at


Snug Organics

Sherpa Sleeper by Snug Organics

I’m totally crazy for this brand! I keep walking around the house with the sample that owner and creator Erin sent me in the mail. The Sherpa Sleeper is the cutest thing I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. The sample I received is perfect for newborns 0 – 3 months, but they also have 3 m – 6 m sizes as well. It’s super soft, constructed with certified 100 percent organic cotton sherpa that is fleecy, warm, antimicrobial, breathable and sustainable. This line of pajamas is made here in America and is free of pesticides, synthetics and flame retardant chemicals. Honestly, why don’t they make these in big people sizes? It reminds me of a little lamb and I just keep placing it over my huge belly dreaming of a little one wearing the darling jammies. There can be some cool Colorado summer nights, and this outfit is perfect for a newborn. I don’t know what mom wouldn’t melt upon opening this gift. Snug Organics also has a darling summer line for bigger babies that can be gifted as well. The Sherpa Sleeper retails a $36 and is yet another awesome Colorado product. Visit Snug Organics at


Sweet Pea Cakes

When I first came across this website, all I could think of was the Sex in the City episode when the ladies travel to the “burbs” for a baby shower with the trendiest diaper cake in tow. Ever since, I have been highly amused with the idea, but never seen one in real life. Thankfully, I came across Dawn and Sweet Pea Cakes. These are too cute for words. I could not believe how many styles are available—bath time towel cakes, girl and boy towel cakes, organic diaper cakes, nursing diaper cakes, the list goes on! My personal favorite is the Lil’ Lamb Diaper Cake. It comes with 54 size 1 Pampers, a

Lil' Lamb Diaper Cake by Sweet Pea Cakes

handmade swaddle blanket, a handmade reversible bib, a pink onesie size 0-3 months, Johnson & Johnson Travel shampoo, wash, lotion and powder, trial desitin, teething ring and bath toy. The presentation is simply spectacular and you can tell true heart and joy are put into each cake; they are so personal! The cakes retail for $85 and up, a perfect option for guests who might want to go in on a gift together. Dawn turned her career into making these creative goodies and she’s got one heck of a niche in the market. These are truly one-of-a-kind and she is able to personalize any cake for your needs. Visit Dawn and her amazing products at



Denver-based Oh, That Baby! Ltd makes a useful gift for baby chompers. No one ever knows how old a baby will be when he or she cuts that first tooth, so be prepared. My friend Melissa was even born with a tooth! Toofeze is all-natural, therapeutic, pediatrician approved and convenient. They are made of all-natural non-toxic stainless steel and silicone, clinically proven to reduce painful teething symptoms, easily cleaned and able to sanitize and dishwasher safe . . . and the best part, they can be engraved! The package comes with a storage bag for the teether and a teething chart, pretty stinking cute. They retail at $20 a piece, and trust-me, they are worth every penny. Nothing is worse than a baby who finally sleeps through the night only to break the routine when those pesky incisors or milk teeth come start coming in. They are available in stores or online at

Julie B
Author: Julie B

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson April 23, 2011

    These make me want to be a new mom again. It’s so awesome to be surrounded by so many inventive Mompreneurs!

  • comment avatar Nicole April 26, 2011

    What a great collection of baby items! With two little girls on the way, I’m definitely keeping all these businesses in mind!

  • comment avatar kerry April 28, 2011

    Also check out Bamboobies, super-soft bamboo reusable breast pads for nursing mamas. Invented by a Boulder mama of 3 and handmade here in Colorado. Fun and funny shower or new baby gift – check them out at!

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