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A lesson for all of us

Police have located the family of a toddler who was found alone in the dark in northeast Denver by a passerby who was out walking his dog just before 6 a.m. in the area of Manual High School, 1700 E. 28th Ave..

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the passerby immediately called police and stayed with the 2-year-old girl until officers arrived on scene.

Police in the area of 28th Avenue and Williams Street began going door to door looking for the girl’s family.

During the search, an officer on scene was holding the toddler in his arms, while others fawned over her. She was dressed in blue jeans, a light jacket and had dark curly hair.

“She has a beautiful smile,” Jackson said.

Police then put the girl in a child car seat in the back of a police cruiser at the corner of 28th Avenue and Williams Street while they looked for her family.

At one point, a neighbor came out and gave police a stuffed animal to help calm the girl.

Police decided to search the area for a home with an open door. Police soon found one and asked a woman inside if there was a child in the home.

Jackson said the woman told them there was a child inside the home. She checked and was surprised to find the girl was not there.

“The woman was shocked,” Jackson said.

The woman was described as the child’s babysitter and is also a relative.

Human Services took the child for evaluation. They said if everything checks out OK, the girl could be reunited with her family later today.

Investigation into the incident continues and police said they don’t know what charges, if any, will be brought against the parents or the babysitter.

Jackson said this incident had a happy ending because the child was found safe, but these types of situations “can be very tragic.” The girl could have been hit by a car, fallen into a pond or been whisked away, Jackson said.

“It is a lesson for all of us,” Jackson said. “Watch your doors and keep them locked.”

Kieran Nicholson: 303-954-1822 or [email protected].
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