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PeeKoo—Making life a bit easier in the morning (and receive a 35% discount!)

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Spring is finally here! I know most moms are feeling the same way I am right about now: bring on the warm weather! I don’t think I have ever had such a serious case of spring fever in my life. However, with spring comes the spring ahead in time change and it is quite a challenge to get up in the morning. It will be dark much later than usual for a couple months to come and the adjustment is hard on both kids and moms.

I thought about what could I recommend to moms to help make things easier this spring? Then, a lovely product came across my desk, The Peekoo. It’s a combination duvet cover and zip-on top sheet made in Boulder, Colorado. The product was inspired by the European-style of bedding (sans the top sheet) and provides for a simple morning of bed-making. Kids pull up the comforter and adjoining top sheet, throw on the pillows and wahala—the bed is made. It’s perfect for anyone running late in the morning, especially during those dark spring mornings.

Your kids won’t be tangled in their top sheets anymore or find it at the bottom of their

Pretty Birdy

beds in the morning, and making the bed turns into an easy, one-step process. Emily Stinchcomb, owner and founder of PeeKoo Bedding Concepts, has one more trick in her bag. When it comes time for washing the sheets, simply unzip the detachable top sheet and toss it in the washing machine. It’s less wash, less maintenance and a lot less time putting the bed back together. The PeeKoo is especially good for those hard to make bunk beds and beds up against a wall.

The boutique designs are probably the most fun part of the product. The PeeKoo comes in both girl and boy designs and coordinating items. My

Vintage Firefighters

favorites are the Vintage Firefighters and Nantucket Stripes for boys and the Pretty Birdy and Boulder Spring for girls. The colors are bright and inviting and most kids would be happy to snuggle up at night in the comfort of PeeKoo.

Each PeeKoo comes in an all-natural cinch sac with a hang tag noting care instructions. The packaging is designed to reduce the impact on our natural resources. It’s eco-friendly, reusable and includes recycled materials. Plastic and excess wrapping have been eliminated with the idea that sometimes less is more.

I love that Emily had moms like me in mind when she created her product and that she embodied a green movement and thoughtfulness into her design. Thanks Emily! And she thanks you moms as well with a 35% discount for Mile High Mamas on any on-line orders over $100. Code: MILEHIGHMOMMAS. Valid until 6/1/11. Visit for more information on the product and this offer.

SPRING SHOWERS! Next month I will be featuring a variety of baby shower gifts for spring and summer showers. It seems that babies are falling out of the sky like our spring storms here in Colorado and I’m working on a great gathering of Colorado-based products to bestow on friends and family for their new bundles of joy. If you have any suggestions or products to recommend, e-mail me at [email protected]

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