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Valentine’s Day Product Picks: Goodies for the Family

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while I am not one to give into the Hallmark holiday, this year, I couldn’t resist, but only because of Hank the Tank. It’s like once you have kids, you kind of see what Hallmark is all about. I have found two delightful Colorado-based companies that will bring a smile to your family’s faces. I feel if I am going to splurge on this holiday, I have at least got to keep the money pumping into the Colorado economy; it makes me feel better for my retail therapy.

JJ’s Sweets
Boulder, Colorado

Not too many kids can claim their day is a candy man, but 7-year-old Liliana is one lucky gal!

J.J. of J.J.'s Sweets

Her dad is the modern-day version of Willy Wonka. After years as a musician, educator and other assorted career ventures, JJ Rademaekers had an epiphany one night during a dream and wahlah—JJ’s Sweets was born. His Boulder-based company creates delicious delicacies for all sweet-toothed lovers. And it wouldn’t be a Boulder product if it weren’t produced with biodegradable packaging, cardboard and recyclable materials.

With the crazy amount of allergies present in diets today, JJ wanted to take into account everyone’s needs and produce a candy that is not only unique, but contains healthy fat. His vegan, gluten-free, corn-syrup free, organic brown rice syrup and organic sweetener lines truly set him apart from all others in the business. He is the only candy man in town making old-fashioned candy with distinct spice blends.

Hard Candies

Now, onto the important part—taste! Well, I wouldn’t blog about it if I didn’t like it. I polished the chocolate-covered cocomels off in two days and opted not to even share them with the hubby, too bad for him. The cocomel is not anything I had ever tasted and much more enjoyable than caramel. I was extremely impressed with the distinct flavor. I love the spice combinations; it was strange how bizarre spices combined together can be sweet, savory and addicting!

JJ’s Sweets has three different lines: hard candy, chocolate-covered cocomels and cocomel varieties. A cocomel (the hottest seller) is the only coconut milk caramel on the market and is healthy, in that “healthy” fat kind of way ☺ My favorite aside from anything chocolate, of course, is the Tangerine Dream hard candy. They come in a darling little jar with plenty of pieces to keep you satisfied for a week.

Time for Valentine’s Day. JJ’s Sweets are the perfect treat for a friend, co-worker, significant other, child or neighbor! You can purchase them on Jonathon’s website ( directly or head on down to Denver Urban Homesteading (2nd and Santa Fe in Denver) Wed – Fri afternoons or Saturdays from 9 – 2 pm. JJ’s Sweets can also be found at nearly three dozen metro-area coffee shops, grocers and bookstores. But, if you want them in time for Hallmark’s most celebrated day of the year, order on-line or hit the Denver market. They are super affordable as well; $16 for a 12-piece box of chocolates, hard candies for $5 a jar and cocomels from $4 and up.

I promise you will not be disappointed! I’m munching on the India Spice hard candy as I type and am thoroughly pleased how they compliment my morning coffee.

Visit JJ’s website or find him on Facebook and Twitter for coupons and additional deals.

Trinidad, Colorado

A colleague of mine actually put me into contact with Annie Danielson of and boy I am glad that she did! I am over the moon for this site. Annie’s most recent venture sprang out of a 20-year-old business in her hometown of Trinidad, Colorado. She previously focused her efforts on a wall decor and gift-manufacturing catalogue. Annie had products in boutiques and shipped throughout the states, but it was her passion for creativity and how she could use it bring new opportunities to women throughout the country that launched her latest venture.

Valentine's Day Frame

I cannot think of a cuter and lovelier Valentine’s Day gift for my hubby than The basic concept behind the gift is designing your own photographic memory for your loved one with a personalized frame, picture and message. You log onto Annie’s website and have dozens of options to choose from. I would point readers to the “Find a Product” tab and click on “Find by Theme” to get to “Valentine’s Day”. This is exactly what I did to create a gift for my husband.

Once you choose a frame, the website prompts you to customize the frame with your own personal message. You then upload a picture to attach to the frame, fill out your basic information and you’re done! In five minutes you have created an original gift for your loved one. I think this is such a thoughtful gift for significant others, especially since I know so many husbands are always longing for something to occupy those lonely office and cubicle spaces.

There are literally hundreds of combinations that you can concoct from Annie’s website—it’s all up to your creativity levels. Here’s the best part: this is for last-minute shoppers! I, like so many other moms, tend to put things off until it is the dire last moment. Annie understands our sentiment. Once you upload your design and photo, will have the product shipped out their door within 48 hours. Now, that’s my kind of instant satisfaction. The frames come with a gift card attached and enveloped in a darling white and blue package.

With all the different frames to choose from, you can create a special memory for anyone in your family—kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. As a mom herself, Annie didn’t miss a thing on this website. She has captured the gift market over the last two decades and I am confident she will capture mom’s hearts nationwide with her newest web company. Visit to make someone’s Valentine’s Day extremely special this year, plus a ton of the frames were just slashed in price. There are now multiple items at $19.95, and no product is now more than $39.95!

Julie B
Author: Julie B

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