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Halloween Pumpkin Decorating and Carving

Make pumpkins part of your family Halloween traditions.

First, when you buy a pumpkin, consider picking a pumpkin patch that supports a cause.   Even better, have your kids help you make this decision. (Boy Scouts, Habitat For Humanity, etc. are some of the pumpkin patch causes I’ve seen.)

Pumpkin Family Night Event:

Obviously young children shouldn’t be using knives to carve a pumpkin. Decorating a pumpkin can be just as fun.

1.  Recycled Pumpkin Art: Glean objects from the recycling bin. Use these recyclables to decorate your pumpkin! Attach everything from magazine pictures to plastic bottle lids. Glue works but if you use washable glue, it won’t last long outside.

2.  Decorate with Paint or Markers: Paint your pumpkin with a face, patterns, designs, or shapes. Again, don’t use washable paints and markers, the color lasts about 5 minutes.

3.  Use a Decorating Kit

4.  Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

  • Design your own. Draw on a face and have an adult cut it out.

5.  Print a pumpkin coloring page to decorate.

6.  Document your family night fun and share with us at Mile High Mamas!

Recently awarded the Scholastic Best Book and Reading Blog Award for her playful learning blog, Imagination Soup, Melissa Taylor is a learning junkie, recovering teacher, freelance writer and mom of two who lives in Centennial, CO.

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  1. We usually paint our pumpkins with our kids every year. Even though they are getting older (4, 6, and 8) this is still our favorite way to decorate them! My mom did that with us when we were little, and I have fond memories of painting with her.

  2. My kids love to draw with Sharpies, too. Especially on the mini-pumpkins. 🙂


  3. I love that pumpkin patches are donating to charity! I had no idea! This year I am definitely purchasing my pumpkins from a patch that benefits charity! Thanks!

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