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The Children’s Hospital Q & A: Clean Clothes & Clear Skin

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Every month, Mile High Mamas features a Q & A from The Children’s Hospital on a different health topic. This month’s topic is all about choosing the laundry detergent that is best for your child’s skin. Read up on clean clothes and clear skin.

Kids come in contact with laundry detergent on a regular basis – like every time your little one touches clothes, bedding or towels. With detergent being a common cause of irritation and rashes, how do you choose the product that’s best for your family?

How can I tell if my child is having a reaction to our laundry detergent?
Exposure to detergent may trigger a reaction on the skin that can include:

* Dry, chapped areas
* Rashes
* Redness
* Scaly, itchy patches

It looks like a skin reaction – now what should I do?

If your child experiences any of these reactions from laundry detergent, you can help alleviate symptoms by washing the affected area immediately with gentle soap and water. Applying unscented moisturizers and lotions may help ease dryness.

How do I figure out what’s causing the skin irritation?

If your child has skin irritation and you aren’t sure of the cause, try using detergents without dyes or perfumes, setting your washes for an extra rinse to ensure suds are gone, and eliminating fabric softeners and dryer sheets. If the skin improves, chances are your detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheet may have been the problem.

What if nothing helps?
If your child’s reaction does not diminish after you stop using a detergent, or if his or her rash worsens, contact your pediatrician or family doctor to help determine the cause.

Learn more about skin care (dermatology) and treatment for allergies at The Children’s Hospital.

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