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You, too can get a Brazilian (an UPtown one) and at a DISCOUNT

I’m going to show you my new Brazilian. Every step of the way.

Why did I get one? Why might you want one?

Some are lucky to have gorgeous curls. Some are fortunate to have shiny sleek hair. And some are blessed with well-behaved waves.

And some of us deal with the Dennis the Menace of tresses, like my unruly mane. I  have always thought I was a smooth-haired chick living under a wiry-haired dome. If only there were a perm that straightened hair.

Guess what — now there is. This one is called the Brazilian Blowout. But unlike the “downtown” Brazilian (wax) we talk about only in hushed tones, this “uptown” Brazilian is one you can talk about in front of your kids.

My friend, Crystal, is a stylist at a World Class Salon in Lakewood, and she let me know that models* were needed to help certify stylists in this new technique. So I cleared my schedule for my day of modeling, hired a sitter and documented the process.

At Eminently Hair Salon, I was paired with Debra, in whose capable hands my head would be for the next two-and-a-half hours.

  1. Step 1 was a detoxifying shampoo to strip my hair of any impurities.
  2. Step 2 involved applying the Brazilian Blowout solution. Debra saw my hair relax before her eyes as she brushed the solution onto very small sections. I asked about formaldehyde and other chemicals and was assured that World Class Salons do not allow the use of formaldehyde and that the FDA had approved the Brazilian Blowout treatment.
  3. Steps 3 was a blow dry and flat ironing. Once heat was introduced (450 degrees on the iron) a strong chemical smell affected my nose and eyes. I was given a lavender-scented towel to help tolerate this. Like Step 2, this step was quite time consuming.
  4. Step 4 was a rinse and a moisturizing treatment.
  5. Step 5 was another blow dry and style.
  6. Step 6 was to glide my fingers through my hair without any snags!

Here’s a brief documentary of the day.

The treatment is supposed to last 6-12 weeks and will gradually fade, meaning that I do not have a line of demarcation as new hair grows. I’m 4 weeks in, and I’d say we’ve hit the half-life of the treatment. The waves are starting to find their way back, although styling is still much easier and quicker.

The salon fee is steep — $260 for the treatment, which includes a bottle each of Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner (it’s important to use professional-grade products that are free of sulfates or sodium chloride, which can shorten the life of the treatment).

But here’s the trade-off. I am now able to wash and go.The treatment has slashed my styling time to just 10 minutes, which is the equivalent of $12 per styling hour saved over the life of the Brazilian, time I can spend on things more important to me.

I will probably splurge on this once or twice a year, especially during summers.

Let’s talk pros and cons.

Pros: my hair is silky soft and smooth, right out of the shower. Especially during the first week, it was glossy, like spun glass, and I can still straighten further or add waves or curls if I choose. Styling time is greatly reduced. I feel like I finally have the hair I was meant to have.

Cons: I do have a concern about the possible toxicity of chemicals that can cause such a metamorphosis. The price is a splurge, especially if I were to do it 4-6 times a year. A Brazilian Blowout may not be a good choice for swimmers, as salt water and pool chemicals can shorten the life of the treatment.

Where can you get a Brazilian Blowout? World Class Salons in Colorado include:

World Class Salons are offering $20 off hair color and/or Brazilian Blowout treatments through the end of 2010 to anyone with the secret code: MileHighMamas. (One use per customer.)

So go a head (hehe). Get yourself a Brazilian and see how the smoother half lives.

* As a model, I purchased the treatment for $55. I received nothing for writing this review.

Lori Holden
Author: Lori Holden

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  1. You had me until “go a head.” Bad, very bad. 🙂

    But this turned out DELIGHTFUL!

  2. Lifespa Parker (inside the Lifetime Fitness- no you do not need to be a member to use the Lifespa) also offers the Brazillian Blowout. I too was a model for the service a couple of months ago and love my hair still! Yay for the “Uptown Brazillian!”

  3. Amber, thanks! I’m still enjoying having the hair I was meant to have.

    Amy Lynn, was your experience and results similar to mine?

  4. I saw it in person last weekend and you looked lovely. But, I have to say, you always look lovely.

    And you are a darling to think my hair is silky. That made my day!

  5. Yes, my experience was the same. Time consuming and pricy, but WORTH IT! I do not have super curly hair naturally. I have wavy in areas/frizzy/big hair. Awesome. So, this really calmed my hair down and got the waves out and really cut the frizziness. The product is really like a conditioner so, from what I have been told it is actually pretty good for the hair. Lifespa in Parker (720-544-6024) actually carries the Brazillian Blowout products as well. Shampoo, Conditioner, Smoothing Serum, and a hair Masque. The service is guarunteed for 12 weeks at Lifespa as long as you are using the product. I love having low-maintenece hair!

  6. Aimee — thank you!

    Amy Lynn — thanks for filling us in, especially those on the south side.

  7. OOOOOooooooo. That is really really tempting!!! I may just have to set some “fun money” aside at tax refund time.. Matt will never know (LOL!).

  8. Wow, I’ve never heard of this before. You look great!

  9. I’ve always thought my hair is too curly to be strait and too straight to be curly.

    Maybe and Uptown Brazilian could help me out…at least for 12-weeks or so.

    Thanks for the great documentary!

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