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A frenzy for frogurt at trendy Pinkberry

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Pinkberry 1000 S. Colorado Blvd., Glendale, 303-756-7465. Open seven days, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

The look: Pastel and pretty, Colorado’s first outpost of the once-edgy, now-trendy Pinkberry is a jewel box of a frozen-yogurt shop on South Colorado Boulevard near East Tennessee Avenue. Pop music fills the air, towering windows let in copious light. It is spotless and glossy.

Thanks to vigorous online buzz among a certain set of celebrity- trend-watchers, you’re likely to encounter a crowd here, and this crowd — brightly dressed, and full of chatty vigor — adds to the overall youthfulness of the place. A bright, open service area holds a half- dozen or more staffers, each more polite and earnest than the next. The operation is swift and well-scripted.

The menu: Believe it or not, Pinkberry’s reputation as a wildly popular Los Angeles meeting place for celebs of a certain status and the paparazzi they court is actually built on a tasty product: The tangy- sweet, vaguely fruity taste of the original flavor is crisp and refreshing. Menu expansions such as mango are less seductive, but creamy and pleasant and cooling. Top your cup with fresh fruit or chocolate chips or any of the other toppings in the dizzying case.

The vibe: Bring your earplugs if you come at peak hours; like any successful fro-yo vendor, Pinkberry is teeming with teenage girls — both behind the counter and in front of it — and in this hard- floored room it doesn’t take much for the volume to reach levels inadvisable for delicate grown-up ears. But there are tables outside, where the buzz of traffic on Colorado Boulevard will seem positively soothing.

When to visit: Hit Pinkberry when one of the following three topics is on your talking-points list: cute boys at school and the hearts they’ve broken; whether you already have tickets for “Twilight: Eclipse” (opening June 30); or how totally over Justin Bieber you are.

-By Tucker Shaw

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